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18 Creepy True Crime Podcasts That'll Keep You Up At Night

Sweet dreams.

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1. My Favorite Murder

"It is a comedy podcast hosted by two of the most amazing women, Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff. They discuss all manner of murder and crime, but from a completely relatable and anxiety-riddled point of view. This is the podcast every closeted murder aficionado wishes they could make with their best friend. Stay sexy, don't get murdered!"

Listen here.

Submitted by Christine Antoinette Rizzi, Facebook

2. Lore

"This one is my JAM. Each episode he covers true scary stories throughout history from across the world. They’re like the stories you would tell around a campfire to freak your friends out. Each episode ends with a creepy twist that might keep you up at night! I can’t get enough!"

Listen here.

Submitted by poopemoji


5. Last Podcast on the Left

"It's not for the easily offended. They talk about serial killers and the crimes they committed on some episodes and other episodes are about aliens and conspiracies. It's fun, maybe not quite true crime, but still for people interested in morbid topics."

Listen here.

Submitted by Lisa Michelle, Facebook

6. Casefile

"An Australian narrator covers a new crime every week. The best part is that it covers a large time frame and is usually a crime that isn't talked about in every crime show. I binged all the episodes in one week."

Listen here.

Submitted by Brittany Ciera Krause, Facebook

7. Generation Why

"They talk almost exclusively about unresolved, cold, or just generally fishy crime situations and walk through a few of the prevailing theories of how the crime went down."

Listen here.

Submitted by Jessi Green, Facebook.


9. Real Crime Profile

"It's hosted by two FBI profilers and the casting director of Criminal Minds. They go in depth in cases and focus on the victims. So far they’ve covered the Making a Murderer case, the O.J. trial, the Oscar Pistorius case, and they’ve just stated a new series on a series of murders from the '80s."

Listen here.

Submitted by 19becca83


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