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Horrible And Hilarious Things People "Can't Do Without" (on OKCupid)

RE: BUZZFEED APPLICATION - When your fingers are tired from swiping, sometimes it’s refreshing to actually learn about the people you’re considering getting in bed with. But OKCupid’s “Six things I could never do without” can read a bit banal. Only an anorexic hermit can live without “food, family, and friends.” To break up the monotony of online dating, here’s 6 hilarious and horrible six things daters say they can’t live without on OKC.

wowitsadrienne 3 years ago

Tuesday Treat: DIY Iced Latte

RE: BUZZFEED APPLICATION - A cup of joe in the morning is a must, but ordering a daily almond milk ice latte from your local organic fare trade coffee shop can quickly drain your pocket book. Here’s how to get this Tuesday Treat every day of the week!

wowitsadrienne 3 years ago