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    16 Times Amy Schumer Made Us Cry From Laughing So Hard

    Long live Amy.

    1. When she wasn't afraid to be her truest self.

    2. When she accurately described your relationship timeline.

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    Amy: I'm like, let me just sweet this crazy under the rug for a couple months. You don't get to see this yet. It's gonna be a big surprise month three after I have some whiskey.

    3. When she understood the sexting struggles.

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    4. When she described her first earthquake experience.

    Amy: You really learn a lot about somebody during an earthquake because, you know...

    Amy: You would think he'd be like, "oh are you okay?"

    Amy: But he actually tried to use me as a human shield...

    Amy: In case, like, a beam fell on him or something.

    Amy: So I'm single. What's up?

    5. When she proved she knew herself inside and out.

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    Amy: People usually need a couple drinks just to get through a conversation with me.

    6. When she perfectly described your 20s versus 30s.

    Amy: But in your 20s I feel like you walk around, like, you walk past a construction site...

    Amy: ...and be kinda like "oh don't look!"

    Amy: But in your 30s, you know, I'm just like...


    Amy: It's like my skirt's over my head

    Amy: I'm like "Aaah!"

    Amy: They're like, "we're eating."

    7. When she wasn't afraid to ask for help.

    8. When she relived her travel experiences.

    9. When she called out The Today Show's props.

    NBC / Via

    Savannah: I loved meeting you.

    Amy: These are fake.

    10. When she called out America for its weird obsession with butts.

    Comedy Central / Via

    11. When she honestly discussed role models.


    12. And when she made an entire music video out of this double standard.

    Girl you do need makeup! Lots and lots of makeup! ♫

    13. When she provided this helpful reminder.

    EXTRA: This is the woman of the year, ladies and gentlemen.

    Amy: Yes. Forget about Malala.

    14. When she served up this perfect comeback.

    15. When she wasn't afraid to be honest.

    Amy: I'm 34, I haven't taken a naked picture of myself in a long time.

    Amy: Because things are, under this you can't really tell...

    Amy: It just looks like a lava lamp.

    Amy: Things are just, like, moving around not really finding a home.

    16. And finally, when she played this incredible practical joke.

    Amy: She left her phone open, a text from him...

    Amy: Don't worry, I didn't do anything.

    Amy: Except I picked it up, without even thinking, texted him 'I want to have anal tonight,' and I sent it.

    Amy: I didn't even think, it happened so fast!

    Amy: I showed Mindy Kaling and I go, "look what happened!"

    Amy: And she's like "What do you mean what happened? You did that."

    Amy: And Katie comes back like 90 seconds later with her husband...

    Amy: ...and is like, "So we're leaving. Like I don't know why he wants to leave."

    Never change, Amy.

    Comedy Central / Via

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