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22 Life Experiences Only Former Emo Kids Had From 2006-09


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1. Your style consisted of wearing Converse and band tees you gained by going to Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, and Panic! at the Disco concerts.

2. You dragged your entire family into a Hot Topic every time you went to the mall because you HAD to see what new Nightmare Before Christmas merch was available.

3. Warped Tour was basically your Coachella.

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

4. You truly believed the only way to show your support at a show was to MOSH THE HELL out of a crowd.

5. You begged your parents to let you get the ~super trendy~ emo hair and when they disagreed, you took scissors and hacked it anyway.

6. You dreamt of the day you'd get your very own snake bites, plugs, pretty much any piercing possible.

7. You spent hours cultivating the perfect emo playlist that definitely included "Black Parade" by MCR and "Misery Business" by Paramore.

8. And were pretty much obsessed with every artist signed on Fueled By Ramen.

9. Your bedroom's wall was covered in pages from the latest bands in AP magazine.

10. You HAD to wear a studded belt even though your skinny jeans were already tight AF.

11. You were very anti-mainstream and felt like you were rebelling against the norm by refusing to step foot into an Abercrombie or Hollister.

12. You managed to achieve a high angle selfie before selfie sticks were even a thing.

And before the word selfie was even invented tbqh.

13. You also had a collection of overexposed angled pictures and classic mirror pictures in your Myspace album.

Pablo Valdivia
Pablo Valdivia

14. You always had to be the first to “discover” a band before all the posers ruined them for you.

15. You’d spend precious time straightening your hair pin-straight...

16. ...and learned to see out of only one eye cuz the other one was constantly hidden underneath your big side-swept bangs.

alexis_deadlive / Via

17. You used xx’s around your xXNameXx to seem super hardcore and ended every Myspace comment with “kthxbye!”

18. "Rawr" was also a major part of your vocabulary.

19. When everyone jumped on the Facebook train, you still quoted your favorite Metro Station, Chiodos, and Death Cab for Cutie lyrics in your statuses.

20. You couldn’t just say you loved someone, you had to show it with a hand heart.

21. You still know every single word to "The Black Parade."

Warner Music Group

22. And finally, you swore that it wasn't "just a phase."

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