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Here Are The Most Popular Foods In Each State, According To People Who Actually Live There

What's yours?

We asked the BuzzFeed Community which food their state is well-known for, and here are all the delicious responses!

1. Alabama: Shrimp and grits.

2. Alaska: Ice cream.

3. Arizona: Sonoran hot dogs.

4. Arkansas: Queso.

5. California: Avocado.

6. Colorado: Breakfast burritos.

7. Connecticut: Lobster rolls.

8. Delaware: Scrapple.

9. Florida: Cuban sandwiches.

10. Georgia: Chicken biscuits.

11. Hawaii: Poke.

12. Idaho: Finger steaks.

13. Illinois: Deep-dish pizza.

14. Indiana: Pork tenderloin sandwiches.

15. Iowa: Sweet corn.

16. Kansas: Bierocks.

17. Kentucky: The Hot Brown.

18. Louisiana: Gumbo.

19. Maine: Lobster.

20. Maryland: Blue crabs.

21. Massachusetts: Clam chowder.

22. Michigan: Coney dogs.

23. Minnesota: Jucy Lucy.

24. Mississippi: Catfish.

25. Missouri: Toasted ravioli.

26. Montana: Huckleberries.

27. Nebraska: Runza.

28. Nevada: The Awful-Awful.

29. New Hampshire: Cider donuts.

30. New Jersey: Pork rolls.

31. New Mexico: Green chile.

32. New York: Bagels.

33. North Carolina: Pulled pork barbecue.

34. North Dakota: Lefse.

35. Ohio: Skyline chili.

36. Oklahoma: Fried okra.

37. Oregon: Voodoo Donuts.

38. Pennsylvania: Cheesesteaks.

39. Rhode Island: Coffee milk.

40. South Carolina: Chicken bog.

41. South Dakota: Chislic.

42. Tennessee: Hot chicken.

43. Texas: Barbecue.

44. Utah: Funeral potatoes.

45. Vermont: Maple syrup.

46. Virginia: Ham.

47. Washington: Salmon.

48. West Virginia: Pepperoni roll.

49. Wisconsin: Fried cheese curds.

50. Wyoming: Soda bread.

51. Washington, DC: Mambo sauce.

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