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    The Backstreet Boys Performed With Florida Georgia Line At The ACM Awards And People Were Here For It

    Get ready for the ultimate '90s throwback.

    On Sunday night at the Academy of Country Music Awards, '90s kids' dreams came true when the Backstreet Boys performed with country band, Florida Georgia Line.

    And they seemed to be rockin' everyone's bodies, TBH.

    Even Nicole Kidman and Faith Hill were into it.

    There were many reactions, ranging from YES SO HERE FOR THIS:

    The Backstreet Boys and Florida Georgia Line dancing just made the whole show. #ACMs

    My face when FGL and The Backstreet Boys started to sing "Everybody". #ACMs

    Florida Georgia Line & Backstreet Boys gave me life just now 🔥

    But others were a bit befuddled with the performance:

    Florida Georgia Line with the Backstreet boys is the most confusing duet. I don't hate it #ACMAwards

    The Backstreet Boys belong at a country awards show just like drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth go together. #ACMAwards

    FGL and Backstreet Boys??? That's so weird?????

    Either way, THE BOYS ARE BACK.