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    Posted on Jul 25, 2016

    Important Reminder Of What Every Fan Did During The Twilight Craze Of 2009


    1. Attending Twilight events in your hometown and taking blurry pictures of the cast on your boxy Nokia phone.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: cara_vsangel

    2. Dressing up in a coordinated Twilight theme with all your friends that you'd been planning since JANUARY for Halloween, and then showering your Facebook feed with photos the next day.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: travisandjess

    3. Begging your parents to take you to Washington on spring break for the sole purpose of visiting all the filming locations in Forks and unabashedly taking DOZENS of photos.

    brigc139 / Via

    4. Teaching yourself Photoshop JUST so you could put yourself onto the cover of your favorite book because you really wanted to be a vampire in Stephenie Meyer's world.

    kdownton78 / Via

    5. Plastering your walls with photos of your beloved Edward so that his gloriously sparkling face was the first thing you saw in the morning.

    6. Rereading the books before the next movie came out so you and your friends could discuss the differences, like how Edward first kissed Bella in the woods and NOT in her room.

    thewellnessalmanac / Via

    Super fan status.

    7. Memorizing this popular passage from the first book and then pasting it all over your diary because it was the most romantic thing you'd ever read.

    8. Proudly wearing the Twilight ensemble you bought with your babysitting money from Hot Topic so you could show off if you were Team Edward or Team Jacob.

    dreamsandvisions / Via

    9. Tweeting about the #impact of the movie to your 10 followers since no one really used Twitter.

    10. Collecting literally every single piece of Twilight merchandise you could get your hands on — ESPECIALLY if it was a special edition.

    11. Throwing incredibly elaborate Twilight viewing parties complete with red jello (aka blood) the moment the movie came out on DVD.

    dona_docura / Via

    12. Collecting all your ticket stubs from the midnight releases and pinning them up in your room to remember the exact moment your mind was blown.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: macbeck

    13. Buying every single teen magazine with Robert Pattinson because he was BAE before you even knew the word "bae."

    14. Becoming incredibly irritated when you KNEW you were going to miss a once-in-a-lifetime Twilight experience and complaining about it on social media.

    15. And finally, PROUDLY posing in front of the saga's movie posters to show everyone just how much you freaking loved it.

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