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23 People Who Should Not Have Tweeted In 2015

"I hate people with bad high jean."

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1. This person who made a solid attempt at spelling cinnamon.

General Mills / Via

2. The person who expressed these sorrowful sentiments.

3. The person who just can't resist this sweet aroma.

Decade3d / Getty Images

4. This person who must have used spell-check on his college essay.

5. This person's worst nightmare.


6. This person who is turning high fantasy into a sport.

7. This person who attempted to admit their awful luck.

Moodboard / Getty Images / Thinkstock

8. The person who would just like some peace.

9. This person who just needed to unleash their anger.

Konmesa / Getty Images

10. The person who forgot one single, important letter.

11. The person who hasn't yet realized space is important.

After reading the Hyperbole and a Half blog over the phrase "a lot" I now picture this whenever I "alot"

12. This person who was really looking for another word.

13. The person who specifically needed to vent her rage.

Keith Brofsky / Getty Images / Thinkstock

14. This person who just wanted to EXPRESS her love for espresso.

15. The person who is over your lack of cleanliness.

Comstock / Getty Images / Thinkstock

16. The person who solidly expressed interest in aquatic mammals.

Michael Mullins / Getty Images

17. The person who probably wasn't hoping for a magical lunch.

18. This person's bakery-esque send off.

Tomophafan / Getty Images

19. The person who probably wasn't referring to bodily fluids.

20. The person who was actually an entire nation.

21. The person who unintentionally revised these lyrics.

Thinkstock / Paramount Pictures / Warner Bros. / New Line Cinema / Platinum Dunes / Crystal Lake Entertainment

22. This person who just has no idea.

23. And finally, this person who actually wants something a *little* different.

Pedro Fequiere for BuzzFeed / Thinkstock

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