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    20 People Who Did The Bare Minimum For Halloween And Yet Somehow Won

    Minimal effort, maximum results.

    1. This 2020 graduate:

    2. And this embodiment of the year 2020:

    3. This "Among Us" costume:

    4. And this Louis from Family Guy costume:

    5. This perfect Bernie Sanders costume:

    6. And this Damien from Mean Girls costume:

    7. This two-piece costume that perfectly embodies the doll from Squid Game:

    8. This punny spice rack costume:

    9. And this simplistic Carrie Bradshaw costume:

    10. This hilarious bit coin costume:

    11. And this clever Fairly OddParents costume:

    12. This fun couples costume:

    13. And this COOL family costume:

    14. This excellent play on words costume:

    15. And this punny fork in the road costume:

    16. This creative "Hammertime" costume:

    17. This outstanding blessing in disguise costume:

    18. This Alexis from Schitt's Creek costume:

    19. This spectacular creative outlet costume:

    20. And finally, the costume that 100% deserves to win every contest:

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