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23 Jaw-Dropping Halloween Costumes Made Literally Only With Makeup

Get inspired.

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15. Freddy Krueger:


"Last year I did my little brother’s Halloween makeup. He has a disorder that makes it difficult for him to grow or gain weight so he has a feeding tube. He is very self-conscious about his feeding tube and worries that people are staring at him, so I told him I would make him look like one of his favorite Halloween characters and cover it up for him. He loved it!"

Submitted by kaylaspencer700.


22. Claw face:


"I do short horror clips and makeup for a hobby — I’m always looking for new ideas. This is my claw face look I’m going to do again for Halloween this year using latex and tissue paper and Mehron face paints!"

Submitted by SiobhanSands.

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Note: Submissions have been edits for length/clarity.