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    23 Jaw-Dropping Halloween Costumes Made Literally Only With Makeup

    Get inspired.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their favorite Halloween look they created only using makeup. Here are the phenomenal results!

    1. The melting skull:

    2. Atlas carrying the Earth:

    3. The pop art girl:

    4. The zombie ballerina:

    5. The bloody werewolf:

    6. The gentleman werewolf:

    7. The shattered porcelain doll:

    8. Venom:

    9. Avatar:

    10. Edward Scissorhands:

    11. A creepy skull:

    12. Pop art zombie zipper face:

    13. A ventriloquist's doll:

    14. Ursula:

    15. Freddy Krueger:

    16. Cesar Romero–inspired Joker:

    17. Jack Skellington:

    18. Day of the Dead sugar skull:

    19. Tiger:

    20. Jigsaw:

    21. Zombie face:

    22. Claw face:

    23. And finally, this dark skull face:

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    Note: Submissions have been edits for length/clarity.