17 Book Nooks That Prove Book Lovers Are Incredibly Creative

    Would you DIY one of these?

    Book nooks are creative, handmade inserts that slip in between your books on your bookshelf. Now that people have more time on their hands since socializing is out of the picture, we've been seeing more nooks pop up. Here are some of the most creative ones that might just give you inspiration to create your own.

    1. This incredible yet chilling IT book nook:

    2. This atmospheric Discworld book nook:

    3. This book nook inspired by The Mandalorian

    4. This incredibly detailed nook: 

    5. This Japan-inspired book nook:

    6. This cozy book nook has a bookshelf within a bookshelf:

    7. And this book nook is a very tiny replica of a library:

    8. This light-up book nook that's actually very thoughtful: 

    9. This book nook inspired by The Hobbit:

    10. This mesmerizing Sherlock book nook: 

    11. This English book nook inspired by The Shambles:

    12. This epic Lord of the Rings book nook:

    13. And this compelling Lord of the Rings book nook:

    14. This light-up Harry Potter–inspired book nook:

    15. This dictionary book nook that leads to a cozy room:

    16. This lovely bookstore book nook:

    17. And finally, this creative Among Us ~video game~ nook:

    H/T r/booknooks