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Book Nook Shelf Inserts Are Really Cool, And Everyone Should Know They Exist — Here Are 14 Of The Most Creative Ones You'll See

Taking bookcases to a new, magical level!

1. If you haven't seen or heard of a book nook before, it's a little shelf insert that goes between books and looks like a tiny door leading to an incredible place, or depicting unique sights. Here are some of the most creative, impressive ones, starting with this cozy-looking bookstore resting on a bookcase.

BeardedGlass / Via

2. This magical Harry Potter–themed creation.

ErsoRoot / Via

3. This absolutely incredible Blade Runner–inspired book nook that's so detailed, it legitimately looks like a shot of the film's set.

Poullafouca / Via

4. This cool little alley stashed at the edge of this row of books.

wiktorwennasofficial / Via

5. This warm, glowing hallway sitting between these books.

7concussionssofar / Via

6. This little path leading to a Star Wars–inspired wilderness.

macksdhart / Via

7. This cool, crafty creation appropriately placed between Harry Potter books.

BGRommel / Via

8. This creative insert chillin' between these books.

unlka / Via

9. This creepy but cool face lurking between these books.

@tomtaggart146 / Via Instagram: @tom.taggart.146

10. This motion sensor–activated, Lord of the Rings–themed nook that lights up when you get near it...

NDVermin / Via

...and has this whole setup inside it.

NDVermin / Via

11. This dope little stone dwelling that even has flickering flame lights.

drewilliam14 / Via

12. This fairy forest casually living among bunches of books.

marlasings / Via

13. This old Italy themed setup that has a lovely vibe to it.

MiniatureArt / Via

14. And finally, this collection of book nooks prepared to be sold that really looks like an apartment complex stacked together.

Alpha-Lyr / Via