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Book Nook Shelf Inserts Are Really Cool, And Everyone Should Know They Exist — Here Are 14 Of The Most Creative Ones You'll See

Taking bookcases to a new, magical level!

1. If you haven't seen or heard of a book nook before, it's a little shelf insert that goes between books and looks like a tiny door leading to an incredible place, or depicting unique sights. Here are some of the most creative, impressive ones, starting with this cozy-looking bookstore resting on a bookcase.

2. This magical Harry Potter–themed creation.

3. This absolutely incredible Blade Runner–inspired book nook that's so detailed, it legitimately looks like a shot of the film's set.

4. This cool little alley stashed at the edge of this row of books.

5. This warm, glowing hallway sitting between these books.

6. This little path leading to a Star Wars–inspired wilderness.

7. This cool, crafty creation appropriately placed between Harry Potter books.

8. This creative insert chillin' between these books.

9. This creepy but cool face lurking between these books.

10. This motion sensor–activated, Lord of the Rings–themed nook that lights up when you get near it...

...and has this whole setup inside it.

11. This dope little stone dwelling that even has flickering flame lights.

12. This fairy forest casually living among bunches of books.

13. This old Italy themed setup that has a lovely vibe to it.

14. And finally, this collection of book nooks prepared to be sold that really looks like an apartment complex stacked together.