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19 "Game Of Thrones" Behind-The-Scenes Moments By The Cast From Season 8, Episode 3

What a crew!!!!

FYI: Even though this is a behind-the-scenes post, it still contains spoilers for Season 8, Episode 3. Proceed with caution!!!!

1. When Emilia Clarke gave Iain Glen a loving send-off:

2. When Maisie Williams continued to prove that she and Sophie Turner have THE MOST fun on set:

3. When Sophie dedicated a whole post to Alfie Allen:

4. When Gwendoline Christie posted this hilarious video of her and Kristofer Hivju slaphappy and singing on one of the NUMEROUS night shoots:

5. When Isaac Hempstead Wright posted this pleasant photo of the Night King lending a helping hand:

6. When Carice van Houten showed us how she stays caffeinated on set:

7. And when she gave us a Season 5 throwback, just because of all the ~memories~:

8. When Jacob Anderson posted the cutest video of his dog destroying the Night King:

9. When Dan Portman showed us his battle face:

10. And when Kristofer showed his battle face:

11. AND ALSO when he showed his battle face next to Bella Ramsey's battle face:

12. When John Bradley posted this little still of him fighting for his life:

13. When Gemma Whelan posted this precious picture from set:

14. When Bella gave her character a proper send-off by posting many sweet behind-the-scenes photos, like these ones with Sophie and Joe Dempsie:

15. And this one where she's standing by a very appropriate sign, plus another cast photo with Issac:

16. AND when she blessed us with normal warrior Lyanna versus Lyanna the undead:

17. When Vladimir Furdik showed that maybe the Night King and Arya could get along in another lifetime:

18. And finally, grab some Kleenex, because Alfie's Instagram tribute might make you tear up:

19. Ugh, "💔" indeed:

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