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    24 Outfits From "Wednesday" On Netflix That Get Two Snaps From Thing

    The coat budget on this show must be astronomical.

    Wednesday on Netflix has become the entire world's newest obsession. The vibes are equal parts spooky and cozy — making it perfect fall viewing — and Jenna Ortega is a star.

    And we absolutely have to talk about the outfits. From Wednesday's varied black and white looks to Principal Weems' regal ensembles, costume designer Colleen Atwood made sure everyone was dressed to the nines.

    Here are just a few of the great ~lewks~ we saw throughout the season:

    1. The very first outfit we see Wednesday in is a clear homage to Christina Ricci's Wednesday in The Addams Family (1991). If you look closely, both dresses have a delicate flower print.

    2. Wednesday's coat when she arrives at Nevermore also has small flowers against a black background.

    3. Wednesday starts showing off her e-girl side with this giant hoodie and platform sneakers, which contrasts very nicely with...

    4. ...Enid's rainbow sherbet–inspired look that she wears in the very same scene.

    5. As far as school uniforms go, the Nevermore students are pretty damn lucky. Those pinstripe blazers are downright chic.

    6. We also need to talk about Principal Weems, whose monochromatic looks made Gwendoline Christie look like she stepped out of a Hitchcock movie.

    Principal Weems wearing warm coat, globes, and a head scarf tied underneath her chin

    7. There's something so satisfying about this matching green dress and coat set, and we stan a resourceful queen who wears an outfit more than once.

    8. Wednesday's layered black and white hoodie that she wears for the fair in Episode 1 seems like it strikes a perfect balance between cute and comfortable.

    9. Wednesday is another resourceful queen, since she wears this striped cardigan with a tiny bow in the middle several times throughout the season.

    10. Enid gives Emily in Paris a run for its money with this sweater vest and beret combo for her date with Ajax.

    11. The fuzzy pink coat rightfully makes another appearance at the end of the season.

    12. Morticia Addams' black gown is iconic, but the show gives it a little twist by adding some silver to the bodice.

    Morticia wears the same dress during all of her (too few) appearances, but she throws on a feather-trimmed coat to visit a cemetery.

    13. Easily the most dramatic look of the season, Wednesday's Rave’N Dance dress screams goth prom. And it's a significant turning point for her character, since she's embracing Nevermore without compromising her love of black clothing.

    Wednesday walking down the starts to the prom

    14. Enid's fur-trimmed Rave'N outfit is obviously adorable, but the real honorable mention here is her pink hair.

    15. It is a heinous crime that we don't get to see more of Bianca's teal Rave'N dress, but what we do get to see is glorious.

    Bianca's dress is a halter-style outfit created out of large reflective sequins

    16. Wednesday Addams doesn't love many things, but two things she does love are fall layers and checkered tops.

    17. It's a tiny accessory, but Yoko's sunglasses make the Nevermore uniform look like high fashion.

    18. Costume designer Colleen Atwood knew she'd struck gold with Bianca's amazing puffy bomber jacket, because it makes at least three appearances throughout the season.

    19. It's clear that good taste runs in Bianca's family when her mom blows into town in this fierce yellow snakeskin coat.

    20. Enid continues her dominance over the color pink with this wool coat, which she wears over what is possibly the most adorable sweater the world has ever seen.

    21. Miss Thornhill's plant-themed outfit is a clear nod to the fact that she teaches botany, but like most of her outfits, it also highlights her red hair.

    22. Divina was a secondary character, but she got the biggest fashion flex of the season with this puffy Prada coat.

    23. If Wednesday owns black and Enid owns pink, then Bianca owns teal, which she proves one final time with this very coordinated hoodie and puffy vest ensemble.

    24. And finally, Wednesday's last look of the season is a callback to her first look that also acknowledges how much she's evolved.

    What were some of your favorite Wednesday outfits? Is there anything you'd like to see in a potential second season? Comment below!