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41 Pictures You Need To See Before The Universe Ends

Well, the bad news is that the world is going to end. The good news is that you've got these pictures.

According to Stephen Hawking, there is a chance that the universe could get wiped out at any moment by a "God particle" that may cause "catastrophic vacuum decay."

We've had a good run, but it is beginning to look like we're nearing the end. The good news is you've still got time to look at...

1. Daniel and the cooler Daniel in the same yearbook spread.

2. A pug dressed as Starbucks.

3. A big dog being comforted during a checkup at the vet.

4. A delighted raccoon who is saying, "For me???"

5. A young man lying in a pile of chickens.

6. Shaquille O'Neal hanging out with a sea lion.

7. The world's happiest canine DJ.

8. A dog who can't even handle this slide.

9. A small dog dressed as two even smaller dogs carrying a present.

10. A sloth in a bucket looking adoringly at you.

11. A pug who is also a reluctant Etsy model.

12. A lady who saw a pretty big cat.

13. A bulldog with Cheeto eyebrows and a Cheeto mustache.

14. A young boy inspiring the masses.

15. A deer who decided to come for a visit.

16. A dog who is just minding his own business and definitely has no idea who got into the trash.

17. The world's fluffiest cat showing off her impressive vertical leap.

18. A dog who had a parade thrown for her.

19. A baby gorilla experiencing the cold of a stethoscope.

20. An awesome couple who decided that the wedding must go on no matter what.

21. A baby who decided to be the big spoon.

22. A sloth who fell in love with a young girl.

23. Ludwig the elephant's birthday party.

24. Boo the dog falling asleep in a pile of Boos.

25. A clumsy panda falling off a slide.

26. A Frenchie imitating a baby.

27. A Frenchie dressed up as an elephant lying in the sink.

28. A bunny rabbit having an existential crisis.

29. Two huskies having an extremely awkward first kiss.

30. A baby who is incredibly happy about the cat situation.

31. Two exceptionally cute kittens asleep in the laundry basket.

32. A dog holding another dog in a small basket.

33. A happy hedgehog dressed as Thor.

34. This man in a pug shirt.

35. A young girl on a diplomatic mission to the ducklings.

36. This moving moment in patriotism.

37. These two friends meeting for the first time.

38. A dog who can't even handle this tennis ball.

39. And a dog who has totally got this horsey handled.

40. A dog comedian doing a funny impression.

41. And this pug confronting a large bowl of jelly beans.