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I've Visited More Than 50 Countries As A Professional Travel Writer — Here Are The 8 I'll Always Remember Most

Some destinations just keep you coming back for more.

I love traveling, and — as a professional travel writer — I've been lucky enough to do quite a bit of it. When deciding where to go next, I like visiting new countries. Why visit one country twice when there's an entire big world to see? There are 195 countries on planet Earth, which means that even after dedicating a good chunk of my life to international travel, I've still only seen around a quarter of them.

The author walking down a street with her carry-on bag

Despite all that, there are certain countries I've really fallen in love with that I keep coming back to.

1. Japan

Night life in Shinbashi district, Tokyo,

2. France

People walking along the Seine River in Paris.

3. Jordan

Camels in the desert at Petra, Jordan.

4. India

Rajasthan, the blue city, India.

5. Sweden

A square in Stockholm surrounded by colorful buildings

6. Dominica

A view of the Atlantic ocean and coast above a beach in Dominica.

7. Laos

Fishing boats in Laos.

8. Guatemala

Colorful buildings and a mountain in the backdrop of Antigua Guatemala.

What's the most memorable place you've ever visited? Tell me in the comments below.