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    21 Reasons Why This Japanese Department Store Puts American Stores To Shame

    The home of products you never knew you needed but, like, really, really do.

    There are certain things that are just better in Japan. And one of them is the amazing department store Tokyu Hands.

    Here are just a few (of the many) reasons why it’s so great.

    Fair warning: Once you know about it, all you'll dream of doing is booking a flight to Japan with an empty suitcase.

    1. First off, the stores are massive. They contain up to eight floors filled with amazing products.

    2. You can find basically everything you need — and almost everything will have a face.

    3. It has unique DIY kits that are both fun and useful.

    4. There's kitchenware you never knew you needed...

    5. these tiny plastic plugs (with faces, of course) that are supposed to extend the life of lettuce and cabbage.

    6. There are entire aisles dedicated to sticky notes.

    7. I mean, just try to say no to this.

    8. It sells beauty and self-care items you had no idea even existed.

    a cardboard cut out of a face wearing a padded eye mask
    Tokyu Hands / Via Facebook: TokyuHands.en

    Ever tried a peel-off lipstick that leaves the color behind, or a heated eye mask that releases steam to relax your eyes? All that — and more — is the norm here.

    9. Case in point: nail clippers with a magnifying glass so you can better see what you're cutting.

    A person cutting their nails with clippers that have an attached magnifying glass
    Tokyu Hands / Via

    Life, revolutionized.

    10. There’s a section where you can make your own skincare products using raw ingredients.

    11. There's a full-blown hardware section, too.

    12. If you get hungry, you can stop by the café and workspace.

    13. Oh, and did I mention that there’s free Wi-Fi?

    14. One location even has an area where you can hang out and play with cute cats.

    15. You can learn calligraphy or bullet journaling (or tons of other skills) in the creative classes.

    16. Their selection of life-hack products is out of control.

    Facebook: TokyuHands.en

    Truly. It’s as if every creative person in Japan decided to come up with a solution for everything in their day that annoyed them. There’s a keyboard cleaner that uses adhesive silicone rubber and static electricity to remove dust and debris from between your keys (and it’s shaped like a duck, of course), and a face mask case that absorbs moisture and odor to keep your face covering fresh. Oh, and don’t forget a shoe eraser (!!) to remove scuffs from your new kicks.

    17. For example: this paper soap that looks like a packet of Listerine strips.

    18. Or food storage containers with serving tongs embedded in the lid.

    Facebook: TokyuHands.en

    It's pure genius.

    19. And, as you'd imagine, the tech products and accessories are both creative and functional...

    Facebook: TokyuHands.en

    A phone screen cleaner with a penguin face? Yes, please.

    20. this personal fan that sits around your neck.

    21. But the best part is...the store also ships to the US.

    A selection of Japanese products available on BuySmart Japan
    Buy Smart Japan / Via

    You don’t have to travel to Japan to get your Tokyu Hands fix. It has an online store that ships to 120 countries and regions (including the US). All you have to do is create an account with BuySmart Japan and browse the products online. Then it'll purchase the items on your behalf and ship them to your address in the US. There is an additional handling charge, but that eyebrow trimming guard is totally worth it.

    Any amazing Tokyu Hands items or perks I missed? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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