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I Just Really Need A Safe Place To Talk About Japanese 7-Elevens

If you know, you know.

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With the Tokyo Olympics coming up, I thought I'd revisit one of my favorite things: Japanese 7-Elevens.

a 7 eleven in japan
Charly Triballeau / AFP via Getty Images

If you've ever been to Japan, then you know there's basically a 7-Eleven on every corner. We're not talking about your basic American 7-Eleven.

the outside of a 7/11
Yoshikazu Tsuno / AFP / Getty Images

It's elevated.

the outside of a 7/11
Winhorse / Getty Images

And while on the outside, a Japanese 7-Eleven looks like every other 7-Eleven you've ever been to โ€” it's the inside that is totally and completely different.

Matt Stopera/BuzzFeed

The thing about Japanese 7-Elevens, in general, is that for people from outside of Japan, there's basically an unlimited selection of things you've never tried.

the inside of a busy 7/11
Matthew Ashton - Ama / Getty Images

Everything is new.

Interesting new Japanese @SNICKERS product in 7-Eleven. Dark chocolate. Aroi. @Sweet3Mango @dearfarang

Twitter: @Davepbk

Let's start with the ice cream. The selection is unmatched.

many kinds of frozen ice creams
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

They've truly "cracked the code."

They really cracked the code here at the Japanese 7 Eleven....

Twitter: @MaKeaGo

My personal favorite is this one called "Coolish." It's basically a juice box...but with ice cream.

a ice cream called coolish
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

Another cool thing about Japanese 7-Elevens is that you can buy liquor there.

a selection of liquor bottles
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

They have beers in a variety of sizes.

a group of asahi beers
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

I mean, look how small that lil' beer is!

a tiny lil beer
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

It's also about $1.

They have individual cups of sake...

cups of sake
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

...alcoholic juice boxes...

a juicebox full of alcohol
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed personal favorite, "Strong," which is basically Sparks...

holding a strong
Matt Stopera / BuzzFeed

These are deadly, as in they get you fucked up fast.

...and last but not least, Zima.

Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

Yes, you can still buy Zima in Japan.

The non-alcoholic drinks are equally as interesting.

Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

Pro tip: Mix the Fresca ginger ale with whiskey and you have a fabulous cocktail.

I wish I had more pictures of the beverage refrigerators, because honestly, they are my favorite.

They sell a ton of Pocky...

strawberry pocky
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

...very cute salt shakers...

it has a panda face
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

...salad dressings in interesting containers...

they look like dildos
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

...adorable pineapple sauces...

Just 7-Eleven things #Japanese #Japan #Nintendo #Mario

Twitter: @pakobird

...ketchup in a tube...

its in a tube
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

...and snacks you could only dream existed.

croissant chocolate salt caramel
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

They have avocado chips!

Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

Teeny tiny beef jerkies!

a teeny tiny beef jerkey
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

Adorable desserts!

New Japanese 7-eleven dessert. Toy story character! Strawberry cheese cake and Vanilla chocolate cake. Kawaii๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ #Japan

Twitter: @ShugyJapan

Fun puddings!

Cherry Blossom Milk Pudding is sold at Japanese 7-ELEVEN. That's so wonderful!

Twitter: @vor017

Cheese in a bag!

Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

Candy cheese!

its calle candy cheese
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

I never tried this, but I'm still intrigued.ย 

The Cup Noodle selection will make the average gamer/college student shake.

a bunch of cup of noodles
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

They sell real produce, like full-on shrooms.

a big mushroom
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

And look at this mayonnaise. Even the mayonnaise is cute.

cute mayo
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

The prepared food section is a whole other adventure.

Overwhelmed by the dazzling array of delicious meal choices at this japanese 7-eleven

Twitter: @NightMargin

Like, the meals are quality and legit.

Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

They sell individual hard-boiled eggs. And no, these aren't your months-old hard-boiled eggs you buy at gas stations. These are fresh eggs with beautiful golden yolks.

a golden egg in a hand
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

They sell soba noodles...

soba noodles
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

...packaged meats...

Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

...and they have normal junk food like chicken nuggets.

chicken nuggets
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

Apparently, they even have the best corn dogs.

@sevenandi7 Japanese 7-Eleven has the best corn dogs ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ

Twitter: @balenciagababa

I can't vouch for this, but I wouldn't be surprised!

The secret best part of Japanese 7-Eleven is the refrigerator full of little bottles of remedies.

Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

That one is specifically for hangovers, and it's a lifesaver.

They don't sell just food at Japanese 7-Elevens โ€” they also sell clothing and home goods.

Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

They sell these cool little beard groomers...

a tiny brush
Matt Stopera / BuzzFeed

...a selection of face masks that beauty addicts swear by...

a selection of face masks
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

...flashy handkerchiefs...

a floral print
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

...big ol' bags of shampoo...

Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

...Hello Kitty diaries...

a hello kitty journal
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

...adorable boxes of tissues...

it says bow and has a cute picture of a dog
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

...and United States of Benetton condoms.

rainbow condoms
Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

To sum it up, you could basically live in a Japanese 7-Eleven.

a 7/11
Sopa Images / SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Because last but not least, they even have free Wi-Fi.

a japan 7 eleven
Sopa Images / SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images