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    11 Badass Female TV Characters From The 2010s And The Episodes That Made Them Iconic

    Binge-watch these ladies, you won't regret it!

    1. Rosa Díaz, Brooklyn Nine-Nine


    She might be the scariest person in the room, but her legendary status comes from the times she lets her guard down and lets her friends show her how much they love her.

    Most Iconic Episode: 5.10, "Game Night"

    2. Claire Randall Fraser, Outlander

    Neil Davidson / © 2014 Sony Pictures Television

    A war nurse turned time-traveling-bigamist turned surgeon turned frontierswoman! Claire wears many hats on Outlander, and carries them all off flawlessly. She brings her feminist world view to 1743 and don't even think about trying to stop her.

    Most Iconic Episode: Episode 1.14, "The Search"

    3. Janet, The Good Place


    Everyone's favorite not-a-girl/not-a-robot is a total badass. Over three seasons, we've seen her evolve with each reboot and become an indispensable part of the Soul Squad. She saves the humans and Michael from certain doom a bunch of times!

    Most Iconic Episode: 3.09, "Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By"

    4. Kara Danvers, Supergirl

    The CW

    Superman who? Kara is the rare superhero who doesn't act like her abilities are a massive burden, even when they definitely are. Moody, brooding male heroes, take note, because THIS is how you save the world without being a total bummer.

    Most Iconic Episode: 1.07, "Human for a Day"

    5. Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation


    Unapologetically enthusiastic and unabashedly friendly, Leslie Knope taught us all not to be afraid to love something too much.

    Most Iconic Episode: 3.02, "Flu Season"

    6. Rebecca Bunch, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    The CW

    Watching Rebecca Bunch take two steps forward and one step back can be hard, and watching her crawl through a doggy door to steal a prescription pad is both hilarious and very concerning. But, if four seasons of following her questionable behavior shows us anything, it's that no matter how broken you are, you can get better.

    Most Iconic Episode: 1.11, "That Text Was Not Meant For Josh!"

    7. Petra Solano, Jane the Virgin

    The CW

    It's hard not to give this title to Jane (it is her show after all), but Petra is the Bisexual Formal Shorts Queen of Miami! Petra does not have time for your nonsense, and even when she becomes a nicer person, she keeps the edge we all love.

    Most Iconic Episode: 2.14, "Chapter Thirty"

    8. Olivia Pope, Scandal


    Olivia Pope's personal life is a damn mess, let's be real. And towards the end of Scandal's run, her professional life is a bit of a dumpster fire as well. But, she breaks barriers by being one of the first female antiheroes in primetime television, so there's that!

    Most Iconic Episode: 1.06, "The Trail"

    9. Selina Meyer, Veep


    A modern day Cersei Lannister, if you will. Or Leslie Knope's evil, opposite day twin. Equal parts inept and amoral, Selina is the foul-mouthed and cynical public servant you love seeing on TV, but would never actually want in office.

    Most Iconic Episode: 5.07, "Congressional Ball"

    10. Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones


    Who says you need to be good to be iconic? Queen Cersei gets as far as she does by following her instincts and not taking shit from anyone. She proves you can take on a bunch of different roles (queen, wife, mother, advisor) and fail miserably at all of them.

    Most Iconic Episode: 6.10, "The Winds of Winter"

    11. And Kelli, Insecure


    Kelli isn't as central to the narrative as Issa and Molly, but she steals every scene she's in. Whether she's giving Issa level-headed financial advice or talking about her sexual conquests, Kelli will make you wish you had a friend like her.

    Most Iconic Episode: 3.05, "High-Like"