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    "You" Season 4 Is Just Around The Corner, So Here's Everything You Need To Know Ahead Of The New Season

    New city, same creepy, murderous Joe.

    You Season 4 is only a few short weeks away, and along with it more of Joe Goldberg's penchant for stalking and murder.

    He will continue to be a little creep, but that won't stop us from tuning in and being fascinated and horrified by him in equal measure.

    Here's everything we know so far about the upcoming season:

    🚨SPOILER WARNING🚨 for the Seasons 1-3 of You.

    1. Despite Joe's presence in Paris at the end of Season 3, the new season was actually filmed and will be set in London.

    Joe in Paris

    2. Netflix released a trailer for the new season, and it really seems like the show is reinventing itself yet again, starting with the fact that Joe will have A STALKER OF HIS OWN. TAKE THAT, JOE.

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    3. Joe will fall in with a group of "the most insane, damaged people on Earth," who are part of the uber-wealthy London elite.

    4. This season will also introduce the "Eat the Rich" Killer, who seems to be targeting members of Joe's newest friend group. Joe will try to investigate this person despite being warned not to play "shitty Sherlock."

    5. As for Joe's stalker, it would appear to be someone who knows about most, if not all, of Joe Goldberg's crimes throughout the series. They leave him this lovely collection of headlines, like a murder scrapbook.

    6. Joe's newest fake name will be Professor Jonathan Moore, even though the final scene of Season 3 saw him going by Nick. He will also sport a beard and longer hair as a ~disguise~.

    Joe in a dark room holding wire

    7. Tati Gabrielle will be back as Marienne, over whom Joe is still obsessing if the trailer is anything to go by.

    Joe with a baby talking to Marienne in a library

    8. Victoria Pedretti won't be back as of now.

    Love Quinn holding a butcher knife in a kitchen

    9. Season 4 will be the first season of You to be released in parts, with Part 1 dropping on Feb. 9 and Part 2 following on March 9.

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    10. Penn Badgley will be directing at least one episode of Season 4, as confirmed by co-creator and EP Sera Gamble on Instagram.

    11. Charlotte Ritchie will be playing the main role of Kate, along with Tilly Keeper as Kate's best friend Phoebe.

    Kate and Phoebe standing outside holding cocktails

    12. Whatever Kate's initial impression of Joe might be, it's clear things will get cozier between the two as the season progresses.

    Kate and Joe looking at each other intensely

    13. Here's a rundown of all the other new characters, most of whom are part of the new "circle of privileged douchebags" that Joe infiltrates:

    14. Penn Badgley teased "a different format" to this season, which could mean literally anything.

    Joe lecturing to students

    15. Finally, while it's not likely that we'll see baby Henry this season, Season 4 might explore Joe's feelings regarding abandoning his son.

    Joe and Love with the baby

    Are you looking forward to You Season 4?