Netflix's "You" Will Be Out In Two Parts Next Year, And Joe Is Looking Creepier Than Ever


    Hello, you. You look lovely staring at BuzzFeed on your phone screen. Yes, this creepy Joe Goldberg introduction can only mean one thing: The first teasers for Netflix's You Season 4 are out.

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    "Where will Joe be creepin' off to this time?" I hear you cry! Well, we have the answer: London, England. This season will be a two-parter, lest the suspense not be high enough already!

    Joe putting on his cap

    Aye, Joe is now a professor! Who let this man be a professor? Gods, I can't wait to find out!

    'Hello Professor Jonathan Moore"

    As for other familiar faces, Marienne pops up.

    Marienne in "You

    There are also plenty of newcomers, described as, "like-minded colleagues," "friends in high places," and "others attempting to climb that social ladder." There's even a reference to Joe shoving a guy off the roof in Season 1. Sweet memories!

    Simon and Sophie in "You"

    Not to speak on behalf of all Brits or anything, but I am personally excited to see Joe roast us.

    Hello there, Professor Jonathan Moore.


    I'm even drinking tea right now! Bahahhaha destroy me!

    "'ello you."

    You Season 4 Part 1 debuts on Netflix on February 10. Part 2 comes out March 10.