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16 Ways "Riverdale" And "Glee" Are Basically The Same Show

This has been right under our noses the whole damn time.

Hello, internet. I need to get something off my chest.

Ten years ago, I fell in love with a little show called Glee.

And two and a half years ago, I started watching Riverdale.

Recently, I came to the realization that Riverdale and Glee are essentially the SAME. DAMN. SHOW.

I know, I'm blowing your mind, you cannot believe this. But allow me to present the evidence:

1. The first 13 episodes of both shows were perfect.

2. Both shows featured a massively popular relationship between (initially) supporting characters.

3. The characters all date each other.

4. Choni = Brittana

5. They use the power of musical performance to ~heighten~ the drama.

6. Kevin and Kurt are basically the same, down to the haircut.

7. Both have a TON of celebrities in supporting roles.

8. They both feature a sliiightly overused central antagonist.

9. And they also feature an underused powerhouse singer.

10. Important characters somehow get suspicious job promotions.

11. The high schoolers are all unreasonably accomplished.

12. Both shows get real weird about hallucinations.

13. For taking place in a high school, neither show featured very much, ya know, school.

14. Each show catapulted its then-unknown cast to international fame.

15. They started off as TV shows, and then became full-on brands, with merch and everything.

16. And finally, the most irrefutable proof of all: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, AKA the creator and showrunner of Riverdale, was also a writer and producer on Glee.

So, now you know. They are the same. The only difference is that one of them has show choir and the other one has murder.


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