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    Apparently Paris Hilton Could've Been On "The Hills" And Given Us The Greatest Television Crossover In History

    This is the 2007 crossover event we never knew we needed.

    Paris Hilton is reality TV royalty. You know it, I know it, the world knows it.


    The Simple Life is eternally golden television.

    But it seems her reality TV days are behind her, and she's focused on being a full-time business mogul.

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    And it's not like she doesn't have her hands full. The woman's got 19 different product lines, and who could forget her music career? Most recently, she added "documentary subject" to her long list of job titles.

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    Paris is killing it as a DJ these days, but I still listen to "Nothing in This World" and "Stars Are Blind" completely un-ironically. Paris gave us two of the best tracks of 2006 and we did not appreciate that enough!

    While promoting her new (really good) YouTube documentary This Is Paris on Watch What Happens Live, the socialite-turned-mogul revealed that she could've been a part of The Hills, MTV's hit reality franchise.



    According to Paris, she was asked to appear on both the original show and its 2019 revival The Hills: New Beginnings "a ton of times," but has always said no.


    Paris trading quips with Mischa Barton?? I would like to see it.

    Paris said she and her team constantly "get different calls pitching shows." "I always say no. I'm too focused on my business, I don't have time for that," she said.


    I'm suddenly curious about what other shows she's said no to. Could we have had a Paris arc on Keeping Up with the Kardashians? Or maybe on a singing competition show??

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    Kim was Paris's stylist and appeared on an episode of The Simple Life, after all.

    Sadly, it seems like Paris's reality TV days are behind her. We'll just have to imagine what life is like in the alternate universe where she hangs out with Lauren, Audrina, and the Pratts.


    You can watch the rest of Paris's interview right here!

    View this video on YouTube

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