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    Updated on Dec 13, 2019. Posted on Dec 9, 2019

    J.Lo's "SNL" Sketch About Hoop Earrings Is All The Validation I Didn't Know I Needed

    "Do you look like garbage a little bit, and wish you didn't?"

    In case you missed it, international style/music/life icon (and new Golden Globe nominee!) Jennifer Lopez hosted SNL this weekend.


    And yes, she wore the dress.

    She starred in a bunch of hilarious sketches, but one stood out above the rest IMHO.


    Near the end of the show, J.Lo and Melissa Villaseñor starred as two women in a commercial for a jewelry store called Hoops, where they only sold — you guessed it — hoop earrings.


    "So luxurious, they'll turn your ears the color of money!"

    And let me tell you, I have never felt more seen than when they went on to list all the places you could wear your hoop earrings.


    I don't know a Barbara, but my hoop earrings have seen me through my fair share of accusations, confrontations, and birthday dinners...and I am also wearing hoop earrings as I type this.

    It got even better when they showed us all the great ways that hoop earrings can be personalized.


    Mine don't say "Jessica" or "Bucket," but they do say "Bruja" and I like to think they ward off my enemies.

    "Do you look like garbage a little bit, and wish you didn't? Go get some hoops!"


    This is the same thought I have every morning, because hoops can upgrade literally any outfit.

    It was all made funnier by the fact that J.Lo herself is rarely seen without her own pair of trusty hoops.

    Getty Images

    She also rocked some serious hoops in her sketch with Pete Davidson.

    So if you've ever thought your hoops are too big, too shiny, or just generally too much, take J.Lo and Melissa's advice to "marry your earlobe to your shoulder" and shine on. And if you're already a hoops aficionado, let your choices be validated.


    You can check out the whole sketch and the rest of the episode on YouTube!

    View this video on YouTube

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