Pete Davidson Charming Jennifer Lopez On "SNL" Without Even Trying Is Peak Big Dick Energy

    "Goodbye, Jello."

    Jennifer Lopez closed out her incredible year by hosting Saturday Night Live last night, and she brought her A-game to the iconic stage, to say the least.

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    But it was her "Chad & J.Lo" skit with Pete Davidson that made me giggle nonstop.

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    In the skit, J.Lo played herself rehearsing for a show, while Pete reprised his role as Chad, the irresistible guy every guest seems to fall in love with at first sight.

    "I have a little confession. Ever since I first saw you, I haven't been able to get you out of my [mind]," she says.

    Although she says she's in love with her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, she still divulges her sexual desires for Chad:

    Chad's response? Perfectly nonchalant, as usual. 😂

    At one point in the sketch, Chad humps a stool...

    ...and rubs Doritos residue on Jennifer's shirt as they slow dance. 😂

    A-Rod himself even shows up and catches them in the act, and seriously, you just have to watch the skit for yourself to see why it's the best thing SNL has done in a while.

    Watch your back, Alex. Chad has some serious BDE. 😩