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    17 Times Jimmy Fallon's "True Confessions" Revealed Some Major Celeb Secrets

    TBT to that time Billie Eilish farted in her friend's mouth.

    "True Confessions" is a super popular segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where celebs admit juicy secrets. Here are some of its most memorable moments:

    1. When John Cena revealed that his girlfriend once hit him with a car while he was riding a bike:

    2. When Matthew McConaughey told the story of how he threw his baby 15 feet in the air to save him from a mountain ram:

    3. When Jennifer Lawrence said that, while working on The Hunger Games, she took an Ambien right before filming a big scene:

    4. When Marlon Wayans talked about making out with Madonna at P. Diddy's Oscars after-party:

    5. When Billie Eilish said she farted in her friend’s mouth and made her throw up:

    6. When Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak revealed that he and Steve Jobs were robbed at gunpoint outside a pizza parlor:

    7. When Tina Fey recalled how she was mistaken for a prostitute in Monaco in 1992:

    8. When Chris Hemsworth talked about his first job as a breast pump cleaner at age 14.

    9. When Pete Davidson talked about going to Jamaica with his Saturday Night Live boss, Lorne Michaels, during his first season on the show:

    10. When Kumail Nanjiani admitted that he tried to strangle his aunt while sleepwalking in Singapore.

    11. When Kate McKinnon revealed that she snuck into a zoo after hours:

    12. When Colin Farrell admitted to being interrogated as a suspect in an attempted murder:

    13. When John Mulaney said his neighbor was arrested for cannibalism by the FBI:

    14. When Keegan-Michael Key remembered a job he had at a singing telegram company that required him to dress up as a caveman:

    15. When Ryan Reynolds told on his mom for a time she washed her hands with a urinal cake in an outdoor toilet at a funeral:

    16. When Chadwick Boseman recalled going on a date with a Colombian model and her twin sister:

    17. And finally, when Jimmy Fallon recalled being robbed by a drug dealer with a sawed-off shotgun: