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    20 Things Students And Teachers Do In TV And Movies That Are Completely Unrealistic

    TBH a lot of these teachers would have been fired.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the TV shows and movies that were not at all accurate. Here's what they said:

    1. How I Met Your Mother


    "I've taught first grade and kindergarten, and this show is very unrealistic. Lilly leaves the kids unattended in the classroom to go do things and talks on her phone while teaching. She would definitely be fired! All the kids do is color, have show and tell, and nap. Also, Lilly hangs out at a bar EVERY night and then presumably wakes up to teach the next morning?! I don't know anyone who does that."


    2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    The WB

    "Each week Sunnydale High School faced a new type of apocalypse...I feel like parents should have taken issue with the day to day demon danger. Also, how are all the high schoolers getting into The Bronze, a seedy nightclub, on school nights?!"


    3. To All The Boys I've Loved Before


    "As good as this movie is, that ski trip was so unrealistic. The entire high school stays at what looks like a five star ski resort! Also, where is the supervision?? How did Peter and Lara Jean not get busted by a chaperone for making out in the hot tub late at night? At my school they have boys and girls on whole-ass different floors and have chaperones all over the place."


    4. Matilda

    Jersey Films

    "Real schools don’t have a 'chokey' and a scary principal who throws girls by their pigtails. There is also no way that the parents would get away with not sending Matilda to school at first."


    5. Mean Girls

    Lorne Michaels Productions

    "While it’s one of my favorites, it’s totally unrealistic. There are no real defined cliques and no one cares what you wear."


    6. The Breakfast Club

    A&M Films

    "The way detention is portrayed in The Breakfast Club is pretty stupid. Saturday detentions are never full day, and the proctor never being in the room doesn't make sense. I also doubt something like skipping school would warrant a Saturday detention, maybe a write up or something. And lastly, the fact that the rules state specifically no homework and no sleeping are also unrealistic. At the very least they'd let you study."


    7. Zoey 101


    "I'm suuure every boarding high school has sushi bars, beach trips, and random motorbike contests."


    8. Easy A

    Olive Bridge Entertainment

    "I love Easy A, but it was super unrealistic. There's no way that the entire school would care that much about one girl's sex life. Remember when they rioted because they thought Olive had an STD??"


    9. High School Musical


    "The school production is a massive deal and anyone daring to go against the status quo is manipulated to stick to it. Unrealistic!"


    10. Teen Wolf


    "Each season a battle broke out at Beacon Hills High School and the school was always damaged in some way or the other but no one seemed to bat an eye at it."


    11. Stranger Things


    "Pretty much any movie or show with a school dance is unrealistic. The one currently coming to mind is Stranger Things. Homecomings, and really all school dances, aren't some magical event in a well lit room with towers of balloons, glitter, and amazing decorations. No, school dances are incredibly underfunded, they spend all of their money on a DJ that plays terrible pop remixes, and they try to pass a couple shitty cardboard cutouts and posters as decorations."


    12. Glee


    "With Glee, pretty much anything that has to do with Will. He got hired as a Spanish teacher despite his qualifications being in an entirely different field and at one point was taking Spanish night classes just to keep ahead and have a lesson plan."


    13. Gossip Girl


    "The fact that their 'uniform' is apparently customizable and most of the girls walk around in miniskirts and six-inch heels? Wild. All of it."


    14. Gilmore Girls

    The WB

    "Rory somehow has time to have a sit-down breakfast at Luke’s every morning like her New England prep school doesn’t start at 8 a.m. every day."


    15. 10 Things I Hate About You

    Touchstone Pictures

    "The guidance counselor writes trashy romance novels in school. The gym teacher gets shot with an arrow because of poor supervision. The soccer coach takes pot and munchies and gets flashed by one of his athletes. The prom is crazy, the cliques are insane, and don't get me started on the English teacher. Still love it but my God that school was a wreck."


    16. New Girl


    "Every single time a teacher applies for a promotion to be a principal like Jess on New Girl. It’s a completely different Masters degree, not just something you get from being a good teacher!!"


    17. Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Marvel Studios

    "I HATE how Spider-Man: Homecoming portrays field trips. When we did overnight trips for marching band there were parent chaperones and they made sure you didn't leave your hotel room at night. Usually they'd put a piece of duct tape over your door so that if you left your room, it would be immediately obvious because the duct tape can't be resealed from the inside. But for Peter to leave in the middle of the night in D.C. and then stay gone without anybody noticing is ridiculous."


    18. Girl Meets World


    "If I was in Cory Matthews’ class, I’d ask to be transferred. He is a terrible teacher to his daughter and plays favorites. I know it’s all about her, but it drives me insane. Mr. Feeny had favorites too, but at least he we a good teacher."


    19. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

    Paramount Pictures

    "This is one of my favorite movies, but Principal Rooney was obsessed with one student, and even went as far as breaking into his house. It was a bit much...even for a movie."


    20. And finally, we got a lot submissions from a certain teen drama on The CW, but one user really put it best:

    The CW

    "You don’t need to put Riverdale. We all know."


    What other TV and movie school moments were so unrealistic they made your head spin? Let us know!