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22 Youths Who Need To Be Stopped

Go home, youths. You're no longer welcome on this planet.

1. The kid at a bowling alley, playing a bowling game on his iPad.

2. The youth who wasted a perfectly good sandwich.

3. These girls who put their thermometers in the wrong place.

4. This youth, who doesn't understand what "forever" means:

5. The youth who made this argument.

6. These youths who don't even know how to use a fake ID.

7. This artist.

8. This girl who doesn't understand how heat works:

9. The girl who's about to lay on the train trakes.

10. The kid who literally keeps falling in shit.

11. This youth who thinks his feet smell like beautiful tulip fields:

12. This youth who thinks that computers grow on trees:

13. This youth who understands neither movies nor America:

14. These youths who do not think things all the way through:

15. This youth who is in for some hard math lessons:

16. And this one who is in for a geography lesson:

17. This kid who is pretty sure that he is smooth:

18. This youth who thinks he is just hysterical:

19. Anyone who cries because they get a chance to touch Justin Bieber:

20. This kid who is so absorbed in her own selfies that she doesn't even know she is being filmed:

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21. This kid who doesn't seem to know what a girlfriend is:

22. Every youth who won't put their damn phone away and just enjoy life: