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52 Ways Los Angeles Ruins You For Life

The outdoor movies, non-stop sunshine, In-N-Out for days... why live anywhere else?

1. We have the best junk food ever, because we have In-N-Out, and it's open till 1 a.m.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: vagueonthehow

2. We also have Dodger Dogs that are sent from Blue Heaven.

Creative Commons

3. And by "Blue Heaven," I mean Dodger Stadium, which is one of the happiest places on earth.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: malingering

You may have heard of them? They've won six World Series titles. (For the record, I'm Team Puig, yo.)

4. Not to be confused with THE happiest place on earth: DISNEYLAND, which is just a car ride away.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: barl0w

5. And if you're feeling adventurous, you can hop next door to Disney California Adventure park.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: roebot

That Toy Story ride is LEGIT.

6. But if you'd rather not ride a roller coaster to get great views, you can hike at Runyon or Griffith Park too.

Creative Commons

7. And this is the view you'll get when you're there.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: pure_awesome

8. But if you'd rather leave the city for views, take the ferry to Catalina and be on a small island in an hour.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: stevewilhelm

9. Which is where you can do more hiking into Catalina's interior and search for bison.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: dailoshane

Yes, BISON. As in BUFFALO. As in they live on Catalina and you can see them, among other amazing wildlife.

10. Because you will never be quite as wowed as you are by LACMA's outdoor installations.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: lostinangeles

This one is called "Urban Light" by Chris Burden, and it's composed of 202 antique street lamps. It is magical. Not to mention the plethora of food trucks parked nearby...

11. ... Until you see what they have inside, that is.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: andycastro

Like Jeff Koons' Balloon Dog and Cracked Egg.

12. But you really don't need to go far to see beautiful art, because it's on almost every corner of the city.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mediterraneaaan

13. (Did I mention we have a lot of Lakers pride? Because obviously. And this is also totally art.)

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 24293932@N00

14. Even our music is outdoors, like at The Hollywood Bowl and Greek Theater.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: stevedevol

You can also bring your own picnic and drinks to the Hollywood Bowl.

15. Because it's perpetually sunny here.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: dspouliot

16. Like, what are clouds and why do other places have them*?

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 97657657@N00

*Legit question.

17. But if you'd rather hear music indoors, this is where you'll go, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: pedrosz

It's home to the LA Phil, among other things.

18. But Los Angeles is also a place where you can watch movies outside... and in a cemetery, thanks to the Cinespia screenings.

Creative Commons

Also? You get to bring your own food and drinks. Way cheaper than a movie theater.

19. Again, though, there are indoor options: and they aren't at all like the normal theaters you're used to.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: reidab

The Arclight Cinerama Dome lets you watch films in ultra widescreen, and they often host 21+ screenings (if you like a little drink with your films).

20. And then there are the gourmet theaters, like iPic, where you get to sit in reclining leather chairs and have a personal server to bring you whatever food or drinks you want.

Truffle fries and wine, anyone?

21. If you want a nightcap after your movie, we have bars that are just like speakeasies, but aren't members only, like La Descarga.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: djjewelz

At La Descarga there's a burlesque show, salsa dancing, a cigar room, and so many rum drinks you might never go home.

22. Or for something more intimate, try The Roger Room, where you can get specialty cocktails and cozy up in a leather booth with all the other beautiful people.

Bryan Thatcher/ Creative Commons / Via Flickr: bryanthatcher

23. Not to mention the late-night karaoke you can score in Koreatown at places like Gaam Karaoke and Soop Sak.

Creative Commons

24. You want more? Los Angeles is a place where you can watch the badass ladies of the Derby Dolls battle it out...

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kelescopic

25. Or head to Venice Beach to see skateboarders in action.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: chrisgold

26. But there's not just Venice Beach, because Manhattan Beach offers amazing surfing and a super cute boardwalk to shop at.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 50568517@N00

27. There's Zuma Beach if you're looking for somewhere less crowded with great waves.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: loredenizen

28. And while Santa Monica Beach can get crowded, the view of the Pacific Coast Highway is breathtaking, and it's a quick walk to the shops at the Third Street Promenade.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: dherholz

29. Speaking of the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), this is what you look at as you drive on it.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: digitizedchaos

Our highways overlook the water. Deal. With. It.

30. Because every Thursday night during the summer, the Yamashiro Farmer's Market opens and you can shop for tasty treats on a hill with a view of the entire city.

Plus, there are food trucks and retail sellers as well.

31. Or you can head Downtown to Little Tokyo anytime and snag a red bean cake from Mitsuru Cafe.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: cherrylet

32. Or tacos that will legit give you life from any number of food trucks.

Creative Commons

33. There's yogurt for days, and so many different kinds!

Flickr: 45688285@N00

Creative Commons

It's hard to choose a favorite, but mine is Yogurt Stop. (Pump it yourself.)

34. But if you're craving the real deal, there's always Salt & Straw in Larchmont.

Facebook: SaltandStraw

Hard to say "no" with flavors like Sweet Corn Buttermilk and Cinnamon Apple Donuts.

35. Or waiting in line (READ: Worth the wait!) for Diddy Riese so you can pick out whatever cookies and ice cream flavor you want.

Creative Commons

36. Because the burgers from Father's Office melt in your mouth and will make you a better and stronger person.

37. But so will the vegan corn tacos with baby squash, raw cacao mole, and jalapeño asado from Cafe Gratitude.

38. Because Los Angeles brews delicious craft beers, like the Golden Road Hefeweizen with hints of citrus and clove.

Creative Commons

Plus you can take brewery tours, and order pub food to go with your brew. (Hello Heaven, it's me, buzzed and happy.)

39. And we also make our own wine! In fact, you can spend a delightful little Saturday at Malibu Wines where you wine taste, bring a picnic, and stare at the beauty that is Malibu.

Pro tip: There's also Malibu & Vine, which is way less crowded and about a mile down the road.

40. There are absolutely breathtaking botanical gardens, like the ones at the Huntington Library.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: sorayas

They also have high tea there, and am amazing museum to walk through.

41. And book nerds can soak in the glory that is Skylight Books... there's a TREE in the middle of the book store!

They do regular reading series and have rows and rows of pretty titles.

42. Or go Downtown to visit The Last Bookstore, which features used books for $1.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: omaromar

43. Because there are endless shopping opportunities, like the unique finds you'll get in Little Tokyo...

Creative Commons

44. ... and in Necromance, where they sell everything from Medieval Weaponry to pieces of taxidermy.

45. But if you want malls, we've got them, and they're outdoors and completely magical during the holiday season.

Creative Commons

They have FAKE SNOW at The Grove, so you get the snow without freezing!

46. And if you need snow, it's just a car ride away in places like Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, and Yosemite.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ahhdrjones

47. Did I mention that our coffee is on point? Like, Intelligentsia Coffee in Silverlake will change your life.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: samfelder

Go for the cappuccino, stay for the intense hipster watching.

48. As will Lamill, especially if you order their warm brioche donuts with your java.

Creative Commons

49. Then there's Coffee Commissary for when you need a serious boost of caffeine, and I highly recommend their cold brew anytime.

50. Because there are VIP places like The Magic Castle, where you have to be invited to go see the world's best magicians perform tricks.

Creative Commons

51. But you can also just visit "The Witch's House" (aka The Spadena House) in Beverly Hills for FREE.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kjunstorm

52. So, really, what could be better than this?

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: aleksivic