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    Posted on May 10, 2013

    Parker Posey's 10 Most Important Film Roles

    I've taken the liberty of ranking these. Now, who wants to marathon all of them with me?!

    10. Darla Marks in Dazed and Confused (1993)

    Memorable lines: "LICK ME! All of you!"

    "Ok girlies. It's really hot out here and I'm really sick of looking at you."

    What made the role great: It's always fun to watch a bitchy high school girl have a meltdown, and Parker's got plenty of those.

    9. Patricia Eden in You've Got Mail (1998)

    Memorable lines: "If I ever get out of here, I'm having my eyes lasered."

    "I use a wonderful over-the-counter drug, Ultradorm. Don't take the whole thing, just half, and you will wake up without even the tiniest hangover."

    What made the role great: Patricia is completely clueless, self-centered, and oddly ruthless. She wears all black, and tends to say exactly the wrong thing at the worst time. It's a type of New Yorker only Parker could play.

    8. Becky St. Germaine in Spring Breakdown (2009)

    Memorable lines: "I haven't been touched by a man since Clinton was in office."

    What made the role great: Parker plays a bumbling nerd on spring break. That itself is epic, but there's also two scenes where she sings Wilson Phillips' "Hold On" with Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch. Just amazing.

    7. Libby Mae Brown in Waiting for Guffman (1996)

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    Memorable lines: "I'll always have a place at the Dairy Queen."

    "What New York really is, is it's an island, with lots of people, lots of different people... I hope to maybe meet some guys, some Italian guys, and maybe watch some TV."

    What made the role great: Parker is an actress playing a really terrible actress, and it's both funny and poignant. Plus, there's a lot of awesome DQ fabulousness.

    6. Miami in Kicking and Screaming (1995)

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    Memorable lines: "Let's talk about your classes. OK? Your dinosaur classes and all that shit."

    "Your hair drives me crazy."

    What made the role great: Parker plays a college senior fed up with her boyfriend's boredom, and his pretentious friends. Watching her essentially tell him all the ways she hates him is pretty magical.

    5. Margaret Burre in "Clockwatchers" (1997)

    Memorable lines: "You can't fire me. You don't even know my NAME."

    "I can sit there and do nothing as good as anyone."

    What made the role great: Margaret totally hates her life as an office temp, and Parker's deadpan delivery makes this way better than Office Space.

    4. Jackie-O Pascal in The House Of Yes (1997)

    Memorable lines: "I watch soap operas. I bake brownies. Normalcy is coursing through my veins."

    "I didn't mean to maim you. I only meant to kill you."

    What made the role great: This is a super dark comedy about twins, and Parker happens to be the twin who spent time in a mental institution and is now off her meds. Her performance as a sometimes ice queen, but mostly lady-child completely make the film.

    3. Meg Swan in Best in Show (2000)

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    Memorable lines: "This? This is a fish. This is a fish! You know what? Just shut up."

    "We are *so* lucky. We are *so* lucky to have been raised amongst catalogs."

    What made the role great: Adult braces, WASP tendencies, sex therapy, and an epic meltdown over a Busy Bee toy.

    2. Nora Wilder in Broken English (2007)

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    Memorable lines: "I think I must be doing something horribly wrong, but I don't know what it is."

    "I'm just trying to figure out if this is supposed to mean something."

    What made the role great: Broken English is a mix of Bridesmaids and Girls, before that film and TV show were even a thing. And Parker plays a flawed, 30-something woman who smokes while doing yoga, and sleeps with all the wrong people. It's an incredibly raw portrayal of what it's like to live in New York as a single woman, and Parker's performance is fiercely brave.

    1. Mary in Party Girl (1995)

    Memorable lines: "You don't think I'm smart enough to work in your fucking library?"

    "I would like a nice, powerful, mind-altering substance. Preferably one that will make my unborn children grow gills."

    "Can I have a falafel with hot sauce, a side order of Baba Ghanoush and a seltzer, please?"

    What made the role great: This film pretty much launched Parker's career as an indie film "IT" girl. It has all the makings for it too: New York, high fashion, parties that get broken up by the cops, a girl trying to master the Dewey Decimal System, and a romance with a falafel street vendor. It's the role Parker was born to play.

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