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For Everyone Who Has A "Thing" For Redhead Men

This post is for you.

QUESTION: Are redhead men more physically attractive than other types of men?

ANSWER: Fuck yes they are, to state the obvious.

That's because their red locks shine brighter than all the other colors combined...

...seducing us like a bird of paradise's mating dance.

Mmmm yes.

Good god, my pants just fell off.


OK, OK. No more yelling. Ewan McGregor becomes frightened around loud noises.

Yes, fixating on one hair color is a straight-up fetish.

And objectifying men is WRONG.

But, like, so wrong it's good...right?

So fucking good.


And yes, I know that natural redheads are only 0.5% of the world's population, so it's not even a practical fetish.

They're like beautiful unicorns that walk among us.

But whatever, I'm just going to be that person with a fetish who shamelessly objectifies redhead men. Whatever, I'm DTF with it.

Redheads with piercings are totally hot.

Redheads who are royals: HOT.

Redheads with guitars and beautiful angel voices: TOTALLY DTF WITH THAT.

Redheads flaunting a touch of bicep: SUPER HOT.

Redheads with ginger beards who ALSO make you LOL... I JUST BLACKED OUT.

Way more blacked out.

Don't wake me up, I'm happy here, JUST LEAVE ME.

Hold up, hold up, I spoke too soon...

Rupert Grint's magical mane is making me see the light again.

Also, here's another cool thing about redhead men: Beach hair was basically made for them.

But so was spiked hair, as Rob Kazinsky proves.

And on top of being breathtaking masterpieces, I'm sure that redhead men have great personalities, and are smart, or whatever.

But I don't really care about that right now, because I'm way too busy trying to wipe the drool away.

Maybe Seth Green will let me use his tinge of ginge beard as a drool cloth?


Instead of Eddie Redmayne, feel free to simply call him RILF*.

BONUS PIC: The prince with his royal hand by his royal ginger jewels.

And BECAUSE WE ALL NEED THIS: Here are Prince Harry's ginger abs.