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    17 Celebrity Redheads On What They Love Most About Their Hair Color

    "Being a redhead is kind of magical."

    Charlotte Gomez / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    Molly Ringwald — Riverdale, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, literally every great '80s movie

    Charlotte Gomez / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / Via

    "My favorite part is just that it's unique," Ringwald told BuzzFeed. "It shapes your personality a bit. What I always say is that brunettes are beautiful, and blondes get a lot of attention, but the people that love redheads really love redheads. Like they LOVE redheads.”

    Shaun White — has more medals than any of your faves

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    “It’s unique. It’s different. And we’re kinda getting rarer and rarer by the day here, so I like it," White explained. "Redheads stand out. It’s a double-edged sword. It’s always been a love/hate thing. When you’re in school it’s tough because you stand out. Then once you get older you're like, 'OK, I’m into it.' But at times when I had huge red hair I couldn’t walk in the airport or try to fill my car up at the gas station, you know, you get spotted. Tough.”

    Darby Stanchfield — Scandal, NCIS, Nashville

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    “I think the great thing about redheads is that there are some stereotypes about our bad temper, or being the kids in band, or a really strong, complex person, but what I’d say that’s really great is that there is an enigmatic quality," Stanchfield said. "Redheads can do anything. They’re hard to pin down. You can’t just say, ‘Oh, a redhead is one way.'"

    Felicia Day — The Guild

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    “My favorite part of being a redhead is that I can be sassy and say exactly what's on my mind and people just chalk it up to a redhead's spiciness," Day said. "The unexpected perk is that I can't wear pink. I hate pink. So it's perfect.”

    Julie Klausner — Difficult People

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    "I never need an excuse to stay inside and watch stuff instead of exercise outdoors or do other things in the sun that extroverts like to do," Klausner said. “Whenever I feel like being lazy in bed, my red hair will phone it in for me. People think redheads are fiery, which can mean 'angry,' but more flatteringly, it can mean we’re panthers in the sack. Fine. I’ll take it!"

    She also added, “You can smile at other redheaded chicks on the street without seeming like a creepo.”

    Holland Roden — Teen Wolf

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    “My red hair is a unique color," Roden said. "Growing up I hated the fact that it set me apart. I hope girls growing up today won't have to be entering adulthood until they fully embrace the fact they can be different and love that about themselves. I am grateful to be a part of that cause — so that's my favorite part about being a redhead.”

    Cameron Monaghan — Shameless, Gotham, The Giver

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    “I am pro-redhead," Monaghan told BuzzFeed. "In certain ways it makes you unique. It’s your own identity. We’re somewhat rare breeds, so it’s a cool color to have.”

    Alicia Witt — Nashville, The Walking Dead, Justified

    Charlotte Gomez / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / Via

    "The reason why I think I love it so much is that I think my red hair gives people an impression of who I am before I even open my mouth, before people get to know me, and I think that impression is accurate in that I think I’m pretty strong-willed, and individual, and stubborn, and loyal, and fiery in some ways," Witt said.

    Karen Gillan — Doctor Who, Guardians of the Galaxy

    Charlotte Gomez / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / Via

    “I like having hair that looks like a volcano is erupting," Gillan said. "It's kind of dramatic.”

    Maria Thayer — Those Who Can't, Eagleheart

    Charlotte Gomez / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / Via

    “I love the thought that redheads don’t go gray, they go white. And I love the idea that when I get older I’ll be like Bonnie Raitt or something. It’ll still be a dramatic color even when it’s not red anymore," Thayer said.

    Lauren Ambrose — Dig, Torchwood, Six Feet Under

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    "I love that my red hair brings seemingly endless joy to octogenarians throughout my lifetime," Ambrose said. "I feel like as a child especially, walking down the street and having effusive joy coming out of blue-haired old ladies, and now I see that in my own child. I was lucky enough to have a little redheaded girl in my house. My 4-year-old is a little redhead, and I see the joy brought to the elderly coming from her."

    Cintia Dicker — model and designer

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    "My red hair makes me only 1% of the population," she told BuzzFeed when asked what she loves most.

    Rebecca Mader — Once Upon a Time, Lost

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    "The thing I love the most about my red hair is the same reason why I used to hate it, and it's the fact that it makes me different," Mader explained. "At school I was bullied in the UK for having red hair so much, and all I wanted was to be like everyone else. And when I left school I became a model and started making money off of it. I'm like, 'Hold on a minute, maybe this isn't such a bad thing'... It's definitely made me stand out more.”

    Cassandra Peterson — aka Elvira

    Charlotte Gomez / Alan Mercer

    “Being a redhead is kind of magical," Peterson said. "Maybe I'm going too far there, but you just don't see it that often. We're magic.”

    Daniel Newman — The Walking Dead, Homeland, The Vampire Diaries

    Charlotte Gomez / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / Via

    "I stop redheads daily and talk to them about it. It's like the 'Jeep wave' or any other camaraderie. It's an instant bond and connection that someone knows exactly what it's like and what you've been through. Love it. I wouldn't change it for the world," Newman said.

    Reba McEntire — music and Reba royalty

    Charlotte Gomez / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / Via

    “I love being a redhead because it's different. Redheads are the minority of hair colors, and I like that. We're special, we're different, and we stand out in a crowd. And I love going to Ireland and Scotland, where I'll see more redheaded people than here in the states," McEntire said.

    “I always loved my hair because it came from momma... Anything that had to do with momma, that was OK with me. If I got kidded about having red hair at all, that was OK, because I was proud of it.”

    Ellie Kemper — Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Office

    Charlotte Gomez / Getty Images / BuzzFeed / Via

    "My driver's ed teacher thought that any girl with red hair was a witch," Kemper said. "This gave me greater confidence in my driving, and so I was able to ace the test and become the driver I am today."

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