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23 Epic Burns That Will Put You In The Burn Unit

Warning: Only use these if you never want the other person to recover and live a full life.

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1. When Kris Jenner said this:

2. When the Grinch took a stand against orange people.

3. When this teacher totally owned her former student.

4. When this commenter said exactly the right thing:

5. When Myspace became relevant again:

6. When Lisa Vanderpump sent a real housewife to the burn unit:

7. When Craigslist met Facebook:

8. When this happened on X Factor:

9. When this commenter won the internet:

10. When this bragger really didn't think things through:

11. When this lady looked at some poor bastard:

12. And when Beyonce looks anyone in the eye, in general.

13. When Mom set the record straight:

14. When this person was forced out of the closet:

15. When this model took her runway back from PETA.

16. When this person forgot to look at the rest of the Bible:

17. When The Mighty Boosh schooled Chelsea Handler on geography:

18. When Casanova was sent home:

19. When poor Sarah learned about magnets:

20. When Deadspin said this:

21. When this shirt was worn:

22. When Anderson Cooper proved exactly why you should never mess with him:

23. And when these people were the best parents ever:

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