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    25 Things All Long-Term Couples Know To Be True

    Netflix > every other option.

    1. Staying in is not just a choice, it's a sport you both have mastered to the point of an art form.

    2. You've accidentally worn clothes that are totally the same as your SO's, and you've had to make a quick change.

    3. Snuggling is great, but being completely comfortable with your separate sides of the bed is EVEN BETTER.

    4. You've survived the TRUE test of relationship longevity: going on a vacation together.

    5. Celebrating an anniversary, even if it's just ordering in pizza, is important.

    6. That being said, one of you is always better at remembering and planning.

    7. You will hear a horrifying body noise come from your SO, (like, you didn't even realize they were capable of it). And they will hear one come from you too.

    8. You've heard the, "So, when are you two getting married?" question so many times that it's actually pretty funny now.

    9. Being in a couple is a little like a weird cult, in that you inevitably develop other "couple friends."

    10. You've got a well-rehearsed routine down to answer this question: "So, how did you two meet?!"

    11. Love also means doing a lot of weird shit for each other.

    12. You're so used to going everywhere with your SO that you have to make conscious efforts to have solo time with friends.

    13. Telling people how long you've been together can be awkward, because there's always that ~super cool~ person who fake vomits.

    14. And then there's THAT person who follows up with, "How can you be with a person for that long?!"

    15. Your single friends will brush off any dating advice you give because you've been in a relationship for so long.

    16. Valentine's Day still sucks for people in relationships.

    17. Huge romantic gestures are great, but everyday romantic gestures are even better.

    18. You've been out of the dating game so long that you either have no idea how Tinder works, or it's a hilarious slideshow for both of you.

    19. Sometimes you don't have to speak in full sentences to each other, because you tend to finish each other's sentences.

    20. Or you just need to give your SO a look, and they know what you're saying.

    21. And you have a weird shorthand language only the two of you understand.

    22. You've secretly tried their grooming products, either out of curiosity or desperation.

    23. Inside jokes are a currency you both are WELL acquainted with.

    24. Your significant other is the one person you can truly and totally be a fucking weirdo around.

    25. And you seriously cannot imagine going a single day without having your little weirdo in your life.