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22 Reasons Why St. Patrick's Day Is The Greatest Holiday Ever

FYI: Drinking all day counts as a reason.

1. You can have something like this for breakfast and no one will judge you, because you're just being patriotic.

2. In fact, you can binge drink all day!

3. Bountiful meat and potatoes? Today it's yours — eat up!

4. It's a holiday where religion, ethnicity, hell, even appropriateness are thrown out the window: Non-Irish people can freely celebrate.

5. When you're a bartender on St. Patrick's Day, you've won the drunken lottery.

6. This holiday officially makes up for all of that Valentine's BS you had to put up with.

7. Cats hate being dressed up in general, but on St. Paddy's they do appreciate a festive beard and cap.

8. This is the one night of the year where grandmas will drink you under the table.

9. Did you eat your greens today? You bet your Irish arse you did!

10. The beer is green!!! It's green!

11. Even Disneyland goes Irish and paints the downtown area green!

12. St. Patrick's Day means Shamrock Shakes for all!

13. You get a bonus Jesus!

14. It's a day where you can make a bad pun like the below and still get a high five.

15. It's a day where dressing like a total moron is a plus.

16. Parades filled with Irish step dancing! Just try not to smile when you see those feet jig about!

17. Get ready, slobbery dogs, because this is your day to ask strangers to kiss you.

18. Luckily for those dogs, everyone's breath will be a whole lot sweeter, because all of the desserts are mint flavored!

19. It's the perfect opportunity to catch up on iconic Irish films, like "The Departed." (Look at that sassy leopard robe! Sooo Irish!)

20. If you're a redhead, you'll be crowned a god and score free drinks all day.

21. You can get away with calling anything your pot of gold, and I do mean anything...

22. And on St. Patrick's Day, we're all winners, including this guy whose Lucky Charms are being made tastier by a rainbow's touch.