14 Post-Coital Movie Posters You Can’t Unsee

Warning: Awkward cuddling ahead.

1. Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin…BONED.

Proof’s in the poster, folks.

2. So did Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner.

Along with all those random, grabby hands in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

3. This monkey thought he saw a banana in the guy’s pocket, but it wasn’t… :(

Makes rounding third base pretty awkward.

4. Meanwhile, Dane Cook looks like a moron.

True to form.

5. These guys just wanted a happy Hump Day.

And who doesn’t, really?

6. In this movie, Goldie Hawn only feels frisky when Chevy Chase hides under her bed.

And a pet shop blooms around her pillows, apparently.

7. Shit just got real for Anne and Jake.

8. And Roger Moore thinks age ain’t nothing but a number.

Incidentally, this was the prequel to a little TV show called Cougar Town.

10. Like mother, like daughter.

You really can’t unsee this one, folks.

11. The sexiest threesome we’ve ever seen.

12. Followed by the creepiest Guantanamo Bay fetish we’ve ever seen.

13. That awkward moment when you turn the lights on and see…

14. And Robert Pattinson’s totally sexy, not at all horrifying face in “How To Be.”

Nothing scary about it at all.

You will never unsee this! Never!

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