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19 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In New Jersey

No, jug handles have nothing to do with liquids.

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1. Exit

What is usually means: A designated ramp where traffic leaves a highway or major roadway.

What it means in NJ: A numerical system for identifying where in New Jersey a person resides.

2. Diner

What it usually means: A restaurant known for having a diverse menu and long hours of operation.

What is means in NJ: A place to run into people you went to high school with while eating scrambled eggs.

3. Jersey Shore

What is usually means: An MTV reality show about a guido circus.

What is means in NJ: Two hundred and seventeen miles of gorgeous coastline. Also a great place to get funnel cake.

15. Hudson River

What it usually means: A river in eastern New York, that rises in the Adirondack Mountains and flows south for 350 miles into the Atlantic Ocean at New York City.

What it means in NJ: A liquid hellscape of dead bodies and hypodermic needles that should never, ever be touched by humans, according to everyone's mom.

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