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Updated on Apr 7, 2019. Posted on Nov 5, 2017

What's Your British Name?

Already have a British name? Take this quiz anyway.

  1. Which beverage is the most appealing to you?

    Getty / Poike
  2. What do you most want to Instagram?

    GETTY / jakubzak
  3. Who would you take on a date?

    Getty / kieferpix
  4. Which sport are you most interested in?

    Getty / monkeybusinessimages
  5. What looks the most delicious?

    Getty / MichellePatrickPhotographyLLC
  6. Which swear word is the most fun to say?

    Getty / tommasolizzu
  7. Which castle would you live in?

  8. Which animal speaks to your soul?

    Getty / Iryna_L
  9. Which place have you been meaning to visit?

    Getty / Bayram Gürzoğlu

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