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We Asked Brits To React To American Culture And They Totally Nailed It

"This is the most American thing I have ever seen in my life."

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We sent 16 uncaptioned photos that represent parts of American culture to BuzzFeed's UK office and asked them to react to what they saw. Fifteen people replied. Here's what they had to say:

Biscuits and gravy:

Bhofack2 / Getty Images

"What is this dish called?"

Rebecca: Mayonnaise scone from my worst nightmares.

Robin: Jizz on scones.

Rossalyn: A scone, filled with some dodgy AF looking mayonnaise?

Declan: Sad poached eggs trying to crawl to a dignified death?

Maggie: A clam vomiting, some delicacy in the South I imagine.

Laura: Scone and soup sandwich.

Washington Monument:

Paul J. Richards / Getty Images

"What is this?"

Laura: So this is why they say you "erect" a monument. Bloody perverts.

Pat: THE JUSTICE NEEDLE. I feel free looking at it.

Alex: I think this is the Washington Monument? It makes me feel horny.

Tom C.: That's the Washington Pointy Phallus, and it makes me swell and burst with pride.

Robin: The Washington Monument. It was built by the Illuminati to commemorate Denzel's stunning performance in Remember the Titans.

Corn dogs:

Ju-lee / Getty Images

"What is this?"

Pat: Fried banana? Fried balloon? Fried SOMETHING?

Rob: Something that really didn't need a stick in it.

Alex: Is this what corn dogs look like? I've always wondered what corn dogs look like.

Flo: CORN DOGS. Not actually dogs made from corn, very misleading. But definitely would eat when drunk.

Tom P.: Fuck knows. Definitely not food. Jesus, look at it.

Hoover Dam:

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

"What is this?"


Alex: This is not America, this is space. It makes me feel sad.

Maggy: I feel like this looks like a Bond villain's crib, or salt and pepper shakers.

Hayley: This is a level from GoldenEye on the N64 that I never managed to pass. It makes me feel like a failure and has done since 1997.

Flo: This is man truly conquering nature. This is like America summed up in one photo. FUCK YOU, rest of the world. 'MERCA is here and we don't care about this lake's feelings.

Robin: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a dam. Lol, jk. I think this is the Hoover Dam. Named after the vacuum guy.

Crunchwrap Supreme from Taco Bell: / Via Taco Bell

"What is this called and where is it from?"

Alex: Is this a taco? It looks super processed and really bad for you. That salad is just a trick. I kinda want it though.

Rossalyn: A delicious meat taco wrap thing, Taco Bell?

Pat: It's a Cylindrical Meaty Taco Bomb and it's from Taco Bell. I like how the top half is healthy food while the bottom half is "nah."

Laura: Is this a quesadilla with a big crisp in the middle? Is it from Taco Bell? Man, the US really shits on the UK in junk food terms.

Maggy: This is called a Grizzly Turd Sandwich, it is from a place where they probably have very sticky floors.

A 5-cent nickel and a 10-cent dime:


"What are the names of these coins and how much are they worth?"

Maggy: These coins are from Disneyland, they are worth one ride in Space Mountain.


Hayley: A dime and a quarter, like gangsters in movies have. They are worth less than our money.

Rob: Dimes? Nickels? Quarts? Dunno, really.

Alex: This is a nickel and a dime. Maybe. They are worth nothing because your currency is WEAK.

Four Loko:

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

"What is this?"

Rich: "Contains alcohol." It looks like it would stain your insides for eternity and turn your poop bright green. It's probably banned in 23 states because everyone got a bit too excited when it first came out and started mixing it with "hard liquor".

Jim: You will not sleep for 36 hours if you drink this.

Maggy: When you drink that you have an erection that lasts for five weeks, and it'll hurt when you pee.

Pat: My teeth hurt looking at that. I do not want to drink it. You can't make me. I note, however, that it contains alcohol so it can't be all bad.

Paul: This is the origin of the phrase "YOLO" and it's all the good things you want for getting completely wasted in one can, so was immediately banned.

Robin: Isn't this the stuff that was banned because it fucks you RIGHT up? I'm kinda curious. If anyone can hook me up with some contact me at @robinedds.

American bison:

Joe Klamar / Getty Images

"Tell us everything you know about this animal."

Rossalyn: ..................................................................................................

Hayley: This makes a loud honking noise. That's literally all I know about that.

Laura: That cow's had a really rough night.

Declan: How I look/feel most Sunday mornings?

Jim: It's something Americans have eaten to death.

Rob: It's a buffalo, or maybe a bison? There used to be a lot more of them before you got done with them.


Wesley Hitt / Getty Images

"What is happening here?"

Alex: This is the most American thing I have ever seen in my life.

Hayley: What's happening here is many children are following the wrong dads around because everyone accidentally wore the same outfit.

Rich: FOOTBALL!!!!! But not the good type. Looks like a bunch of Kansas fans having a jolly good time with their BBQs and six-packs in the car park before a game. Why in a car park? No fucking idea.

Tom P.: God knows. Republican National Convention?

Paul: This is a parking lot grill thing! There's a name for it. It's probably at NASCAR. There are flags and half of them are the stars and stripes. USA! USA! USA!

Robin: This is tailgating. It's the most popular sport in America. Occasionally they play a celebratory game of football at the end but people don't care as much about that because you can't eat or drink a football.

Monica Lewinsky:

Ian Stewart / Getty Images

"Who is this and what is she famous for?"

Rebecca: Is she related to the Clintons? I have no idea, famous for keeping the beige '90s lip alive is my guess.

Paul: Total guess due to being in a bookstore/library: a writer. Really no idea who she is or what she does though.

Flo: Is that Ricki Lake? Was she a lesbian talk show host? Or do you only have the one of them?

Alex: This is Consti Tution. She is the heart and soul of America and she must be protected at all costs. Incidentally, she also won Season 3 of American Idol.

Rob: Monica Lewinsky! Of course we know Monica. She's famous for doing unspeakable things in the Oval Office, although it depends on what your definition of "doing" is.

Groundhog Day:

Jeff Swensen / Getty Images

"What is happening here?"

Rebecca: This is a man in a wonderfully stylish hat caressing a wombat, 10/10 would like to go to the pub with this guy.

Tom P.: Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog has emerged from his burrow and is looking to see his shadow in an attempt to predict the weather. (I just want to show off about the fact I spelled Punxsutawney right without having to google it first.)

Maggie: That man is about to eat that poor beaver and all those people are there to take pictures of it because American TV is weird like that.


Robin: If this is Groundhog Day cosplay that guy is shit. He looks more like Abe Lincoln than Bill Murray. Must try harder.

Rich: Bill Murray just doesn't age, does he. Groundhog Day.

Toddlers & Tiaras:


"What show is this from? What is it about?"

Maggy: This is like a dog show, but for babies.

Rebecca: Tantrums and Tiaras? It's basically about people who shouldn't be allowed to have children. Though I have a feeling Emerald's going to do alright in life.

Rossalyn: Ahh, what's this called? I see it on Tumblr all the time. It's one of the many, many weird child beauty pageant shows you have. This little girl provides life lessons for us all.

Hayley: This is like the S Club Juniors version of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Rich: Toddlers and Tiaras. It is the most terrifying TV show ever created.

Martha Stewart:

Time Inc. / Via Martha Stewart Living

"Who is this and what is she famous for?"

Jim: Jennifer Matthews. Famous for killing her husband.

Paul: I don't know but because she has a lovely kitchen and some fresh herbs growing she's probably a chef. I think I'd like her to be my nan. Visits would be delicious.

Alex: This is what every American's mum looks like.

Pat: Martha Stewart. She makes cakes on TV, went to prison, came out, and apparently is still able to make cakes on TV.

Rossalyn: Martha Stewart, famous for being a badass bitch.

Macy's Day Parade:

Matthew Peyton / Getty Images

"What is happening here?"

Robin: This was the moment at which Britain collectively decided it was a good thing that we lost the War of Independence.

Rich: Macy's parade? A parade through New York when all the major corporations get free advertising for the day and everyone rushes out to buy their goods while simultaneously tweeting about how crap this year's coverage has been.

Paul: Is that Wendy? Off the burgers? Why are there so many of her? Are we in danger?

Rossalyn: Wowww, this is creepy. St. Patrick's Day Parade, NYC, I think. I think it was the parade Arnold crashed in Jingle All the Way. Americans love parades.

Tom P.: Pretty sure that's the Rapture.

Beer pong:

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

"Explain the rules of this game."

Tom C.: Keep drinking the horrible watery beer until you're drunk enough to enjoy it. Throw a Ping-Pong ball around as you do so.

Hayley: You have to throw a thing into a thing and then lots of drunk people cheer and all the stuff falls over.

Rob: You bowl a ball at the cups, and see how many you can knock over. Then you throw them all away and have an actual proper drink that's not disgusting.

Pat: Oh god it's beer pong. Just drink the beer. Beer doesn't need gamifying.

Laura: Get really pissed. That is the only rule.

The pledge of allegiance:

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

"What are these children doing?"

Maggy: Beyoncé just walked into their classroom and they can't quite believe it. The boy in the middle isn't a fan of her hairdo.

Tom. P: Looking up in horror at the big alien spaceship from Independence Day.

Tom C.: Swearing allegiance to a God and a flag while being surely too young to fully understand either concept. Which seems very weird to most Brits, I think, but different strokes for different folks and all that.

Flo: Showing the kind of patriotism that makes English people uncomfortable.

Rich: Pledging their allegiance to the greatest country in whole goddamn world. America FUCK YEAH!!!

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