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23 Ways Your Significant Other Is Actually Your Best Friend

Bathroom doors? Lol what are those?

1. You're incapable of taking a nice photo together.

2. You probably have a secret handshake.

3. Your dates look less like this...


4. ...And more like this.

5. You're very much in sync.

6. You're usually the best dancers on the floor at weddings.

7. You pretty much win Halloween every year.

8. You know it doesn't matter what you look like around them, so you've stopped caring.

9. If you show up to a party without your S.O., you spend the entire night answering, "Where's your other half?"

10. There's a lot of playful groping.

11. You know exactly how to cheer each other up, and it usually involves teasing.

12. Actually, teasing is a general theme in all facets of your relationship.

13. You have more fun running errands together than most people have on a Saturday night.

14. Private time is a thing of the past.

15. Your wedding photos will probably look like some variation of this:

16. You may or may not have built an adult pillow fort together.

17. It's sometimes hard for you to complete projects together.

18. Leaving the house quickly becomes overrated.

19. You fantasize about all the shenanigans you're going to get into when you get older.

20. Sometimes you feel like you're turning into each other.

21. Because you literally share everything.

22. But that wouldn't be such a bad thing.

23. Because who else would you rather be than your best friend?