22 Ways Your Best Friend Is Actually Your Significant Other

Sorry you’re not sorry.

Natalie Morin
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1. You often would rather watch movies and order in than go out.

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2. You cook for each other.

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3. You show up together at parties.

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And even bring the hosts a joint gift.

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4. What’s yours is theirs and vice versa.



I love it that my best friend and I can share clothes so we only have to buy stuff once

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5. You two have “your shows.”

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6. And if one of you watches the newest episode without the other, all hell breaks loose.

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7. You know every intimate detail about each other — dietary restrictions, deepest secrets, middle names, etc.

Natalie Morin
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8. You call each other pet names like “babe,” “honey,” and “boo.”

And you tend to get creative.

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9. You constantly refer to yourselves as “we.”

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10. You call each other’s parents by their first names.

Natalie Morin
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11. You make plans to “just cuddle” and sleep in each other’s beds regularly.

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12. And you definitely pretend to be dating when some creep is trying to hit on you.

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Even though it only works 40% of the time.

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13. You’re comfortable being naked around each other.

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14. You share drinks and split meals.

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Why have one of a good thing when you can have half of two?

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15. You two are listed as “In a Relationship” or “Married” on Facebook.

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16. You have more pictures together than most married couples.

Natalie Morin
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17. You give each other cute notes and gifts when one of you is sick or having a bad week.

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18. If you haven’t bought a pet together yet, you’ve seriously thought about it.

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19. You always talk about growing old together.

And probably have a marriage pact already in place.

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20. After reading this, you probably won’t be ashamed to post this on your BFF’s wall.

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21. After all, you don’t mind people thinking you’re a couple…

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22. Because, platonic or not, this is the best relationship you’ve ever been in.

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