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    21 Ways To Wear Pizza With Pride

    Because true pizza lovers know it isn't just a food, it's a lifestyle. Via Etsy.

    1. Dangling from your ears.

    2. On your phone.

    3. As a patch.

    4. When you're dressed up.

    5. On your tie.

    6. On your chest.

    7. With your seven best friends.

    8. In a private place.

    9. In your other private places.

    10. Around your whole body!

    11. On your keys.

    12. On your head.

    13. On your finger.

    14. As a button.

    15. On your baby.

    16. On your lips.

    17. Wrapped around your throat.

    18. On your hands.

    19. Around your wrist.

    20. In your hair.

    21. IN YOUR MOUTH.