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Wait, Which End Of The Eggplant Emoji Is Which?


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A few days ago, Anders Holm from Workaholics tweeted a simple poll that shattered my entire worldview:

Of course the answer was the purple end, right?!

I always imagined the green steam represented pubes and the engorged purple end represented the head.

Erin Chack / my mother is very proud

Plus, it works better with the droplet emojis when oriented that way. The purple end HAS to be the tip!

So you can imagine how far my head exploded off my shoulders when I saw after a few hours, the poll was in A DEAD TIE:

Could it be? The green stem actually represents the tip?!

It does look more like a classic boner from this direction. And the stem makes a convincing head, even I must admit!

Erin Chack / i went to public school if it isn't obvious

In the end, the poll finished with 52% claiming the green stem is the tip, and 48% claiming the purple end is the tip.

A pretty even split, all things considered! / Via Comedy Central
  1. What do you think? Which end is the tip?

    What do you think? Which end is the tip?
    The green stem is the tip!
    The purple end is the tip!
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What do you think? Which end is the tip?
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