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19 Things To Do If You Want To Be An Expert At RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch

First tip: Don't DL this game because you'll never seen your friends and family again.

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We loved this game a ton back in the day and love it even more now that we can distract ourselves even further on our smartphones. So, we decided to put together a little guide for people playing... Here's what we learned so far:


7. You don’t have to obsessively check the app, but the more you check it the more free card packs you can get.

Every three hours you get two free packs, one for free and one after watching a 30-second ad.


11. Keep your roller coaster designs simple at first. Because you’ll definitely want to redesign it after you collect track cards and other special effects.

12. Setting the prices of your rides and attractions at the higher end of the "good value" range will earn you the most coins.

13. Don't forget, after level seven you can increase park visitors by 5% with a free marketing campaign.

More Peeps means more coins! If you have tickets, you can also spend a few to get an even bigger boost.


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You're not going to be able to build your dream park overnight, or even after a week. It takes time to rack up the necessary coins, cards, and space to build everything you want.


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