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19 Things Every College Kid Is Thankful For This Thanksgiving Break

Give thanks for hairless showers.

1. Showers that aren't covered in strangers' hair.

2. Bathrooms that aren't shared with 20 other people. / Via New Line Cinema

3. Naps in an actual bed and not the library floor.

4. Any conversation that doesn't start, "So how's school going!"

5. Or "You dating anyone?" / Via True Entertainment

6. Meals that are cooked in a real live kitchen and not a microwave. / Via Disney

7. Mornings that start peacefully and not from a 6 a.m. alarm clock. / Via Columbia Pictures

8. Beer that doesn't come in a can.

9. Washing machines that don't require a hundred quarters to operate.

10. Being able to watch TV without feeling guilty the entire time.

20th Century Fox / Via

11. Full days in sweatpants.

Universal Pictures / Via

12. No one uttering the words "finals." / Via Passion Distribution

13. Or asking about papers you still haven't started.

14. Run-ins with old high school classmates that aren't awkward and painful.

15. Much needed snuggle time with the family pet.

16. No one puking in the hallway at 4 a.m.

17. Or crying in the bathroom in the middle of the day. / Via 20th Century Fox Television

18. Or making incredible amounts of noise all night long.

19. And of course, like, family and stuff.

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