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16 Things All Working People Want For Christmas

Listen up, Santa!

1. A morning without an alarm clock.

2. An inbox that stays at zero for just one day.

3. A commute that goes from couch to the fridge and back again.

4. One day without an "urgent" phone call.

5. A much needed emotional break from our computers.

6. A full day in sweatpants.

7. To eat at a REAL table and not a desk.

8. To be able to poop far, far away from our coworkers.

9. A NAP.

10. To not have to make awkward small talk with coworkers in the supply closet.

11. A l o n e t i m e.

12. To not hear the words "circle back," "end of day," or "touch base" for one whole day.

13. The right amount of family time and not a second more.

14. To trade our work cubes for ice cubes in a cocktail.

15. And a nice Christmas bonus.

16. Oh yeah—one more thing. For Michelle in Accounting to stop talking so loud on the damn phone. This is a WORKPLACE, Michelle. GOD.

Thumbnail image: Michael Blann / THINKSTOCK