17 Tattoos That May Not Seem Like A Great Idea In 2014

Good luck explaining your “Twerk” tattoo to your grandkids.

1. Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” tattoo

2. Miley Cyrus’s Rolling Stone tattoo that she got in honor of her first cover story at the magazine

3. Walter White from Breaking Bad tattoo

4. Surprised Patrick tattoo

Tattoo by Randi Polillo at Dynasty Tattoo

5. “Harlem Shake” couple’s tattoo

6. RIP Brian Griffin from Family Guy tattoo

8. One Direction Tattoo

9. Even more specific, Zayn Malik of One Direction portrait tattoo

10. Horse mask pin-up tattoo

11. Sharknado tattoo

13. Ikea monkey tattoo

No word if she actually went through with it.

14. Ryan Cabrera’s Ryan Gosling tattoo that he got as a gag


15. Game of Thrones face tat

16. Margaret Thatcher as an ice cream cone tribute tattoo

17. Doge tattoo

Luckily this one’s a temp.

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