Take This Quiz To Get Your Confidence Up For Final Exams

You’ve earned a study break AND a confidence boost.

  1. 1. Can you click the black square?

    (Hint: It looks like this).

    1. Yes, this is the black square. Click away, my intelligent friend.
    2. This is not the black square. But perhaps you are clicking it to prove that color is just an illusion. Wow, you are a deep, critical thinker.
    3. This is not the black square. But perhaps you are using “blue” as a metaphor for “black.” Brilliant. You are brilliant.
  2. 2. Which animal is cuter?

    (Hint: There’s no wrong answer).

    1. This kitten wearing a bow tie. D’aww.
    2. This puppy being held like a baby. Also d’aww.
  3. 3. Who deserves a study break because they've been working their ass off?

    (Hint: it’s you.)

    1. I do!
  4. 4. How many baseballs do you see in this photograph?
    Flickr: 95072945@N05 / Via Flickr / Kelly Sikkema

    (Hint: There’s one baseball.)

    1. One. Look at you!
    2. I don’t know. Good. Always question reality.
  5. 5. The answer to this question is "A."

    (Hint: Click A. Or B, I don’t really care.)

    1. A Good job, smarty pants!
    2. B B is right too! You’re killing it!
  6. 6. Which tastes better?

    (Hint: Taste is subjective.)

    1. Flickr: 59247791@N08 / Via Flickr / rob_rob2001
      This delicious pizza. Yummm, feed that big brain of yours.
    2. Flickr: 8543480@N06 / Via Flickr / Staffan Vilcans
      These old boots. You’re entitled to your opinion.
  7. 7. How's your day going?

    (Hint: Be honest.)

    1. Good.
    2. Meh.
  8. 8. Which one of these objects is a duck?

    (Hint: It’s the one that looks like a duck.)

    1. Flickr: 30170317@N03 / Via Flickr / Giorgos Michalogiorgakis
      This duck. Omggg you are a big bowl of genius.
    2. Flickr: 23346512@N04 / Via Flickr / Sudoking
      This pineapple. Yeah, maybe it’s a pineapple named Duck. Way to think outside of the box!
  9. 9. What is this?

    (Hint: Literally this test is impossible to fail.)

    1. A triangle. Click this to be right.
    2. A polygon. Click this to still be right.
  10. 10. Who is going to ROCK their final exams?

    (Hint: YOU!)

    1. I AM! I am smart, confident, and ready to give those exams hell.
    2. ME! Einstein’s brain looks like a pile of squashed grapes compared to mine!

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