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Space Mountain With The Lights On Is Scarier Than In The Dark

But for different reasons.

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Because it's not just a roller coaster, it's a roller coaster IN THE DARK!

Which makes for a boring Vine (sorry), but a shit scary ride.

The only time the lights are on is when the roller coaster car ca-chunk-ca-chunks its way to the top of the track and you're simultaneously dying of anticipation.

And then BOOM! You zoom through pitch-black space without knowing what twists, turns, or drops are about to happen to your unsuspecting body.


Unfortunately, no. You're just on a janky ass wooden roller coaster that looks like it hasn't been serviced in years.

Is that why they play the space music so loud? So you won't hear the car rattling off the tracks?

  1. Is Space Mountain scarier with the lights on?

    YES, sweet syrupy sandwiches! That thing is Satan on wheels.
    Nah, it's just a roller coaster.
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