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21 Reasons "Can't Hardly Wait" Is The Most Important '90s Film Of All Time

It's a cinematic masterpiece.

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1. First of all, like all great '90s movies, the bulk of the plot takes place at a completely unrealistic house party:

Columbia Pictures

2. It stars Jennifer Love Hewitt, who is 89% hair.

Columbia Pictures

3. And Ethan Embry making this face for the better part of two hours: / Via Columbia Pictures


Columbia Pictures

4. It tackles important topics, like "needing" to get laid before college: / Via Columbia Pictures

5. And drinking beer for the first time:

(Check out this mesh shirt.) ('90s af.)

Columbia Pictures

6. And pseudo-deep conversations about the existence of fate: / Via Columbia Pictures

7. But themes are nothing without SUBSTANCE! And this movie has plenty of substance* 😏 / Via Columbia Pictures

*That's a weed brownie.

8. Like when this guy tries to hit on J. Love: / Via Columbia Pictures

9. And this guy delivers the sickest '90s burn: / Via Columbia Pictures


Columbia Pictures

10. And this chick was woke before being woke was even a thing: / Via Columbia Pictures

11. And the subplots! Oh, the subplots. There's Kenny, who talked like a character out of Malibu's Most Wanted.

12. Against all odds he hooks up with Denise, the righteous Every Woman: / Via Columbia Pictures

13. And by the logic of '90s teen comedies, it's somehow glorious!

Columbia Pictures

14. And then there's a band fronted by Breckin Meyer and Donald Faison that breaks up, gets back together, and plays a reunion show all in one night: / Via Columbia Pictures

15. And there's a foreign exchange student who only knows a few American phrases:

Columbia Pictures

16. It's just the best, most quotable movie of all time:

17. Besides the quotes, there's enough random cameos to make your head spin. LOOK AT BABY JASON SEGEL:

18. Look at Melissa Joan Hart getting shoved out of frame:

Columbia Pictures

19. Look at peak-'90s Jaime Pressly:

20. And — lol — Jerry O'Connell played a guy named Trip McNeely, a name that sounds like it came from a Random Frat Guy Generator:

Columbia Pictures

21. Anyway, whatever. It's a great movie and if you've got two hours free you should watch it and relive the '90s glory:

(It's currently streaming on Netflix!!!)

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